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Some people move the goal posts.

Some people, like flykiller, move the stadium.

We just went from insisting that "the kids" needed apps and all manner of worlds in all sorts of media pre-packaged for them... to saying the Little Black Books aren't fancy enough for the today's market.

Sweet Bejeezus, you've got some balls on you.

Anyway, back to reality:

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons second edition set a bar for artwork and presentation back on 1989. While that was 12 years after the first edition of the Traveller LBBs, it is 28 years ago. Nothing that is in the current D&D RPG products or the current Star Wars RPG products go beyond anything that could have been found a generation and a half ago.

I'm going to be running Classic Traveller this weekend at a convention. If previous experience holds for the games I've played in and run, the people sitting at the table will be, at the oldest, a decade young than me. Most will be about fifteen to twenty years younger than me. And some will twenty five to thirty years younger than me.

They're imaginative. They're fun. They know how to create. And -- for crying out loud -- apps? Apps to do what? You know what they know how to do? Sit down and make stuff up.
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