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Small Starburst Setting: Some History and Culture.

Abstract of Imperial History and Culture.

A quick overview of the sixteen Ages preceding the Permatic Imperium, or the Seventh Imperium.

{Metagame: Assuming a basic long view of 1000 years for each Age (which for the early ones is not out of line considering the low tech used to get to the stars) then the actual year in the old Terran Common Era Calendar it is something like year 18,000 CE. Yikes! Even my psychohistorical notes might be wrong. Which means that the year 10,000 CE that Vlad II is pushing is actually 8000 years past.}

1. The First Exodus. Terrans truly begin exploring the solar system then the near by stars as the first Astroporters open space up to humanity in awesome new ways.

2. The Terran Federation. The actual name was the Federal Union of Terra, the Belts and the Colonies. The first of the Terran interstellar governments only spanned roughly fifty parsecs around the Sol system though it is commonly thought to have been some two hundred parsecs.

3. The Jump Wars. A series of hot and cold running trade wars between the Astroporters' Guild and the new Jump Captains.

4. The Jump Expansions. Also known as the Second Exodus as Jump drive equipped starships take over the market for interstellar travel.

5. The First Imperium. After the Foundation War and Volcker's Imperium replacing the old Terran Federation, it is a time of great expansion and exploration.

6. The Dynasty Wars. A series of wars fought between the Great House to claim an empty throne.

7. The Second Imperium. An age devoted to recapturing the former stability of the previous empire.

8. The First Republic. The second attempt at an interstellar government without a monarchy.

9. The Third Imperium. The glories and tyranny of the last Terran Empire.

10. The Transitional Revolution. The revolution led a triumvirate of psionic Barons with good intentions.

11. The Fourth Imperium. The empire of the psiords started with good intentions and ended in revolution.

12. The Great Rebellion of the Dispossessed. Man's Children finally get to seat in the halls of power as full Citizens.

13. The Fifth Imperium. The Grand Empire of Man and Kin, characterized by its advanced technologies and explorations felled by a war with a great and powerful enemy. It is the later age of this empire that the Far Stars Sector is explored and settled and it is in the Far Stars that the Fifth Imperium met its doom.

14. The Great War. Fought with a far superior and terrifying enemy it would leave the Riftborne Domains separated from the Imperium.

15. The Sixth Imperium. With the loss of the Great War and Emperor Rufus the Immortal two Houses vie for the remains of the defeated empire.

16. The Interregnum. As the Emperor dies without an Heir and the Court disintegrates into factional fights the Riftborne Domains slip into darkness.

The History of the Permatic Imperium from the late Interregnum to the Realm's bicentennial.

Circa -100 PI. The Lords of Parthia have withdrawn to their capital and the worlds of the Far Stars Sector are struggling to survive. A few lights still glimmer on in the dark, but chaos abounds.

Circa -57 PI. Jump Flash announces return of Travellers to Bohen as Vlad's Vault Fleet arrives in the Riftborne Domains from the rimward edge of the Orion Arm.

Circa -37 PI. Vlad arrives on Permatic, the old Subsector Capital with an ancient relic of the Second Imperium and lays claim to the world and Subsector.

Circa -23 PI. After consolidating his control over the local worlds, Vlad begins cultivating the ruler of Quelw, the neighboring Subsector Capital in hopes of forming an alliance.

Circa -10 PI. Vlad begins his campaign to restore the Imperium to the worlds of the Far Stars and claim the Throne.

0 PI. Vladimir is proclaimed and coronated as Vladimir the Second, Emperor of the Permatic Worlds.

Circa 50 PI. The new Permatic Imperium begins to coalesce and look past its borders toward the worlds left in the dark times of the Interregnum.

Circa 100 PI. Vlad II declares all the worlds within ten parsecs of Permatic as the Imperial Domains.

Circa 120 PI. A brief war is fought with the Parthian Remnants over the worlds that become County Saburi.

Circa 132 PI. The County Saburi is created, with Eneri hault-Daarnulud installed as the first Count Saburi

Circa 140 PI. The Emperor creates four new duchies, the Duchies of the Quarters. He bestows this honor upon four Dukes for their part in the Rising Star scandal.

A digest of the predominate cultures of the current Age.

Travellers. Those sophonts that spend most of their time traveling the stars, engaging in commerce, diplomacy and adventure. Most Travellers have but one career, the career Marine, the career Merchant, the career Scout, but some do change their careers. Careers are almost Caste like among Travellers.

Upsiders. The people who live and work predominately on deep space rigs, bases and starports.

Downsiders. The beings who for the most part live, work and die never leaving the surface of their birthworld.

Imperial Citizens and Subjects. Imperial Citizens have greater autonomy and take an active role in the workings of the Imperium, usually this means a Career in one the Imperial Services. Whereas those who merely inhabit the worlds of the Imperium are Subjects and face more legal restrictions.

The Great Houses and the Banner Houses. The Great Houses as one expects are the oldest and still powerful Houses of the Imperiums, their linages and deeds go back throughout the Old Empires. Then there are what were once known as the Studying, Younger or Lesser Houses depending the era are currently known as the Banner Houses, as the House is expected to raise a Banner and Troops in the Service of the Empire.
Lord Craig A. Glesner, PC,
Seventh Captain of the Imperial Guard, CO (O3) D Trp/3 Sqdn/4518th LIR,
Duke of Sinta, Count Smoug, Viscount Alell, Musayid, & Nii Khu, Marquis Malory & Phlume, Baron Donu-na,
Knight Retainer of the Emperor for Salla, Inarli, & Bhuur,
Knight Retainer of the Baron Jacha, Knight Retainer of the Baronet Kiind,
Knight of the Third Imperium for Trane,
Travellers' Aid Society Member #0543.

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