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Arrow House Rules: Expanded Knighthood Mechanics.

If a character is already Social Standing B (by birth or Personal Development, but has not been Elevated to Knight) then they are bumped up from KX to KYX, where KY equals the next higher rank in the Order's rank structure (they can differ) and X equals the Order's traditional suffix, such as a Knight of the Empire can use the suffix "KE" after their name (Example: Sir Scott Smythe, KE).

If character is Social Standing is A or less then they receive the normal KX.

If the character already has a Knighthood (KX), then a second receipt of a Knighthood may be taken as the next higher rank in the current Order or may be taken as a second Order (provided none of the rules of the first Knighthood are violated). A third or even more receipts of a Knighthood can be taken as greater rank in the Order(s) in which the character holds membership {See Note 4}.

The player may invoke a one time use of Flux. If they do, they are bound by the results for good or ill. Use Table 1 below for the character's new rank in their Order of Knighthood.

Table 1.
-5 to -3 = Demoted to Page of X {See Note1}.
Example: Walston Richards, Page of Sir Scott of the Order of the Empire.
Suffix: None.
Unit: none.

-2 to -1 = Demoted to Squire of X {See Note 2}.
Example: Sarii Vasharkiin, Squire of Sir Scott of the Order of the Empire.
Suffix: None [I]
Unit: Page.

0 = Elevated to Knight of X (Suffix: KX).
Example: Sir Scott Smythe, A Knight of the Order of the Empire.
Suffix: KE.
Unit: Squire, Page + 1 Squad (Alpha Squad, 3rd Co, 2nd Batt, 1st Chevalier Imperium).

+1 to +2 = Elevated to KYX.
Example: Sir Walther Ivanov Kenisnko, A Knight Commander of the Order of the Empire.
Suffix: KCE
Unit: Squire, Page + 1 Company of Order Troops (3rd Company, 2nd Batt, 1st Chevalier Imperium).

+3 to +5 = Elevated to KZX.
Example: Dame Sheila Smitters, A Grand Commander of the Order of the Empire.
Suffix: GCE.
Unit: Squire, Page + 1 Battalion of Order Troops (2nd Battalion, 1st Chevalier Imperium).
Note 1: Character must serve either a PC or NPC Knight (and/or their Squire) of their Order for one Term of Penance (4 years). This Term of Service may be simulated during CharGen or may take place after CharGen during post-Career adventuring.

If in CharGen use the Risk/Reward mechanic, the Controlling Characteristic is determined by Order (for example the Order of the Empire allows Applicants to use any one of C1-C4 they chose).

If done during adventuring the Referee may decide if the Page is ready to be promoted, either to back up to Knight, or if not quite ready yet Squire. It should be noted that if the player role plays true penance and desire to uphold the Orders of their Knighthood, the Term can be shortened to a time agreed upon by the players (this includes the crew that the Page has been adventuring with) and the Referee. The Knight may be reinstated at that time even if not finished serving the standard Term of Penance.

Note 2: The character must serve a Term of Penance in service of a Knight (but not their Squire) under conditions as shown in Note 1.

Most of these Terms of Penance are similar to this example cited in the records of the Order of the Empire, wherein an Applicant Knight was "required to be reminded that the Applicant as a Knight, they are to be both Honorable and Humble and having attempted to achieve a Rank in the Order above their time in Service to the Order and the Imperium shown themselves to be neither and thus are assigned to Sir Mixalot, a Knight of the Order for remedial study and contemplation..." and should be reflected in the character's service to their Patron Knight.

This was the first draft of the T5 Extended Knighthood Rank Mechanic (with Table) though it has been a bit expanded on this page (TL-8) compared to the physically small page of the notebook (TL-2). It then evolved into a bit of time on the DataNets to find some ranks to flesh out the table. So pencil in hand on the opposite page (usually I use pen, but I figured I might want to erase it and use the space for other things) I jotted down some various rank structures. Then I went through them and grabbed some of those and made a few adjustments for my own needs and thus was born version two of the table using the B Mechanic.

Table 2.
-5 = Initiate of X (Suffix: none, Unit: none).

-4 = Novice of X (Suffix: none, Unit: none).

-3 = Page of {Knight/Squire} (Suffix: none, Unit: subordinate ranks).

-2 = Squire of {Knight} (Suffix: none, Unit: Page + subordinate ranks).

-1 = Aspirant Knight of X (Suffix: none or AKX, Unit: Squire, Page + subordinate ranks).

0 = Knight of X (Suffix: KE, Unit: Squire, Page + 1 Squad).

+1 = Errant Knight of X (Suffix: EKX, Unit: Squire, Page + 1 Platoon).

+2 = Knight Commander of X (Suffix: KCX, Unit: Squire, Page + 1 Company).

+3 = Knight Banneret of X (Suffix: KBX, Unit: Squire, Page + 1 Regiment).

+4 = Lord Knight of X {See Note 3} (Suffix: LKX, Unit: Squire, Page + 1 Battalion).

+5 = Grand Cordon of X {See Note 4} (Suffix: GCX, Unit: Division).
Note 3: The Rank of Lord Knight of X does not convey a Patent of Nobility holder's use of the honorific "Lord". The Knight should not be addressed as merely "Lord Example", but must either be addressed as "Lord Knight Example" or "Sir/Dame Example" as per preference.

Note 4: The Rank of Grand Master of X (Suffix: GMX, Unit: The Order) is reserved for the use of the Referee, or "GM".

Orders of Knighthood in the Permatic Imperium.

Knights are given certain symbols of rank much like nobles or holders of an Imperial Office. Some of these symbols are the ring, belt and spurs of particular materials which designate the knight's rank in the Imperial Roll of Orders. A knight is also often equipped or maybe required to equip themselves with some form of transportation

There are many Orders within the Imperium and most of them owe their allegiance to either the Sovereign or to the Imperium itself. They mostly supplement the Imperial Armed Forces in times of war. Each Order has its own rituals and traditions. Some Orders are open only to certain types of applicants, such as the Imperial Order of the Senate which is only open to those Citizens or Subjects who have a Social Standing ≤A. Those of greater Social Standing B≥ are refused entry to the Order and this is codified in the Imperial High Law. The IOS gets its Charter and Orders directly from the Senate and its members are knighted by the Speaker of the Senate. Its motto is "All Are Equal on the Floor." Other Orders, older ones that have extremely long histories owe their allegiance to the Thrones of the Old Empires, but still serve the current Imperium. There is some question which side they may give their service to if one of those Old Empire's Sovereigns should ever make an appearance.

The Most Honorable Order of the Empire.

Ranks: Grand Commander (GCE), Knight Commander (KCE), and Knight of the Empire (KE).
History: This Order claims its decent from the Volcker Imperium, though it can only be accurately dated by most psychohistorians to somewhere during the Third or Solar Imperium.
Membership: It is open to all Citizens and in some cases a Knighthood is granted to a Subject elevating them to the proper social standing befitting a Citizen and Knight.

The Most Ancient and Excellent Order of Maltese.

Ranks: Grand Master (GM), Grand Commander (GCM), and Knight of Maltese (KM).
Motto: Defenders of the Borders.
History: This Order can be dated back at least the Fifth Empire. It should be noted however, that Order of Maltese claims decent from the Order of the Knights of Malta and Rhodes.
Membership: This Order is open to all Members of the Imperial Armed Forces which includes the Imperial Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Scouts. Some Functionaries and Nobles may be granted application to the Order if a they are a Reserve or Retired member of the services. If approved the applicant is granted the Rank of Squire and assigned to a Knight for training.

The Most Noble Order of the Spinward Marches.

Originally only open to Imperial Agents, members of the Imperial Space Guard, Navy and Marines. Others have been accepted by the order, but only if the applicant's actions in some way made the starlanes safer for Travellers. Or at least that was their original charter according to founding orders and charter issued during late Third Imperium. Currently it is an order for those of the law enforcement agencies of the Imperium. Agents from the Ministry of Justice, Imperial Marshals, Agents of the Ministry of Commerce's Corporate Enforcement Division, members of the Imperial or a National Space Guards and the occasional member of the Dump Defense Forces are the most commonly met members of this order.

The Mystic and Loyal Order of Denness.

This order is a local Academy Institute Order of Knighthood open only to those who have successfully completed an Imperial Navy Psionic Institute program. Applicants or Inductees may be either Officers or Ratings, the Order sees them only according to their deeds and Rank in the Order itself. Very rare exceptions are made for extremely valiant actions of a psionic in the service of the IN or the Crown, but not a member of the armed forces.

The Beneficent Order of the Caduceus and Cannon.

An order open only to doctors in the armed forces who have seen combat. Membership allows one to add the letters "KC (Knight), KHC (Knight Hospitaller) or KGC (Knight Commander) depending on their rank in the Order.
Lord Craig A. Glesner, PC,
Seventh Captain of the Imperial Guard, CO (O3) D Trp/3 Sqdn/4518th LIR,
Duke of Sinta, Count Smoug, Viscount Alell, Musayid, & Nii Khu, Marquis Malory & Phlume, Baron Donu-na,
Knight Retainer of the Emperor for Salla, Inarli, & Bhuur,
Knight Retainer of the Baron Jacha, Knight Retainer of the Baronet Kiind,
Knight of the Third Imperium for Trane,
Travellers' Aid Society Member #0543.

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