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Default Surface Encounters and Next Ship To mini-apps

I've finally updated a couple of web apps I wrote a few years ago.

Surface Encounters generates encounters for a given period within a given environment. It also offers quick NPC, Patron, Adventure Nugget, Animal generation. It's not based on any particular rule set, and canon compliance has been sacrificed at the altar of programming expediency, but at least it does what I want and I can improve it over time.

Next Ship To fills what I always thought was a gap in the rules. There were always lots of tables to work out how many passengers my ship would carry, but if I was a ship-less adventurer I could never find a table to let me work out when the next ship was due - so that's what this app does.

So enjoy, and happy to take any feedback, and hopefully in a month or so I can let you all have access to Port2Jump, a somewhat bigger app that lets you explore sectors they were meant to be explored, jump by jump.
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