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Angry Rant; avoid Gator Games for buy backs.

So, I call the local gamestore, "Gator Games and Hobby" about selling back some stuff. And the guy on the phone tells me the following; "One to two dollars for soft covers. Two to three dollars for hard covers, depending on condition. We can't take really battered or old stuff."

So, I go there today with a stack of books, and the guy offers me something like $30 store credit.

Store credit.

S t o r e c r e d i t; for stuff I didn't even BUY there.

Dude was not very customer service friendly either. He had that tall near expressionless "Watch me do my Vulcan imitation" thing going on for him as he continued his reply; "I apologize if the person you spoke with did not make that clear for you." Stoic, no explanation, no "Come back tomorrow when the owners here, maybe she can cut you a deal..."

All while some sweaty (and smelly) teenaged geek asked me to move so he could thumb through the latest rack of Magic card games. Man, standing in that store made me sick. Big pictures of "elfs" with foot long ears, glowing eyes, and hugely serrated swords with spikey armor... it was enough to drive a man ape-spite (to coin a euphemism).

Look, I still like Traveller, but that place really creeped me out. I can't believe I wasted so much time, money, and energy these last five to seven years on this hobby. I dropped it in college, and came back in 2002 or thereabouts, and am sorry I ever did.

So, stacks of game books will get recycled come this Thursday.
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