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Originally Posted by Grav_Moped View Post
A very useful outcome.

The other thing it does is to force each world to have some degree of autonomy, no matter how "close" it may be to another. The minimum interstellar OODA (observe, orient, decide, act) loop is set at two weeks regardless of tech level, so there isn't time to react to and manage rapid developments over any interstellar distance. Higher Jump Numbers allow bringing more worlds into that two-week minimum, but that minimum is always present.
It does change the culture and abilities of the central governments, and requires a great deal of autonomy and self reliance. We end up with a galaxy somewhat like the empires of the great days of sail. It would take the governor of Tortuga months to get help from Europe.

You make travel times too fast, everything tends to blah out. You get a Federation outpost that is exactly the same as the millions of other Federation Outposts with identically stocked Gap store.

(As an aside, I want to murdelize JJ Abrams for what he did to Star Trek. He invented a teleport device that beams a person from Terra to Q'onos, some 90 light years, in a package the size of a small fighter craft. Why do you need a starship if you can just beam to another planet?)
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