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Originally Posted by SpaceBadger View Post
Outside the ship it appears to be early morning, maybe 0700 local time.

Another comm to the Bridge from the port: "Hello, Fortunate Son, this is Sergeant Blaser of Devonia City Police, Customs and Immigration Division. We are approaching your ship now. Please prepare for boarding through your cargo hold. If you have a central lounge or other convenient area, please have all passengers and crew who intend to leave the ship here on Devonia gathered there for arrival clearance.Please have Captain Rhodes and whichever officer is responsible for cargo stowage meet me and my squad in the cargo hold."

"Any questions?"
"Fortunate Son copies, Sergeant, we will meet you on the pad at the bow dors. Out"

Crew channel: "Doc, you and I have to go meey the good sergeant in the hold- everyone else is to assemble in the passenger lounge for customs. Lets get this over with and get on with business. Security- keep it subtle but make sure there are no surprses come from any passengers. If anything happens ley the customs boys handle unless they can'tt - no sense bleeding for them if you can help it. Holstered sidearms are authorized but keep your hands in the clear in case the locals are twitchy."

Hampton locks his boards, sets the parking brake, and heads downstairs to meet with Customs. On the way he gets his autopistol and buckles on his gunbelt.
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