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Sun towers are an alternative to a roof for self-illumination of the birch World, the taller the towers are the fewer you would need. Another idea is to use parabolic arches to replicate the Sun's path across the sky. You need something called a space fountain to support such tall structures. We will probably need multiple artificial suns, as a single sun to illuminate a hemisphere of the birch would and have a 24-hour day would be impossible.

One can have multiple Suns in orbit turning on and off, perhaps powered by black holes to get something that can illuminate a hemisphere at a time, it probably needs to be a light year away at a minimum.

One alternative would be an array of lasers, and an orbiting ring of illuminators the full 360 degrees around the birch World, with individual pixel elements turning on and off to present an image of the sun rising and setting. The whole thing could not orbit in 24 hours (as it is a light year in radius, but it can time its pixels to go on an off producing a pseudo-motion visible from the birchworld surface creating an image of a sun rising and setting, though such actual motions would be physically impossible as they would have to be FTL.
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