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Default Barbarians and belters start their careers at age 14, right?

So, in Supplement 4: Citizens of the Imperium, it is stated on page 2:

Characters are generated at age 18; they begin their career process at that age. As an exception, belter and barbarian characters begin their careers earlier, at age 14.
Makes sense to me. Those careers are rough-and-tumble, probably more prone to parents who drag their kids into early "apprenticeships". Conan didn't start training with a sword at age 18, and I doubt your average grizzled prospector patiently waited til he was done with high school to pick up a pickaxe. I like the idea of these careers getting an extra term up-front to simulate that sort of lifestyle. This is how I've run character creation (on the rare occasion a player wants to roll up an ex- barbarian or belter) for better than 10 years.

I never really looked too close at the pregen characters in that book, however, since I rarely used pregens. I just so happened to be perusing them today, and I noticed that none of the listed barbarians or belters seemed to follow this rule. Those with one term are age 22, 2 terms are 26, etc, just like any other career. Was this an oversight? It's not listed in any errata. Am I taking crazy pills here?
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