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Want to bet that there have been professional militaries that did it like that?
well, I'm sure they marched well ....

actually, when I first set this up I did it entirely differently because of the space limitations. but an experienced u.s. marine told me the way it needed to be, and explained why, in detail, so I took out a bunch of stuff (and redesigned my boats) in order to get the s cppp cppp cppp lineup.

I very much would like to hear, not just, but also why, in detail, it is done any other way. I'm sure other readers would like to hear it as well. it would make for great roleplaying gaming action, back- or fore-ground.

when the Imperial Marines show up, it's game over.
imtu when the marines show up it is indeed game over for somebody, but the reason they show up is to keep it from being game over for everybody. lot of room in there for lots of action.
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