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You can free up 3 by making the sergeant for each squad replace a corporal
that would do it. but that would 1) make the squad leader a fire-team participant when he should be running the squad, and 2) tie the squad leader to a particular fire-team when he should be free to follow the action as and however it develops. uneven parade formations or no, I just can't see any field-experienced military doing this.

of course, everyone is free to alter this arrangement as they see fit. sometimes in people's games "the imperial marines" show up, and I just wanted to supply referees with a tool for what that means, and illustrate what they have, and show the reasons why. "the marines" arrive - how many are there? 15, three teams. is there a medic? yes, right there with the squad. is there medical service? yes, via ambulance. are special weapons available? yes, with the company. is tech support available? yes, with the platoon. is transport available? yes, but maybe not immediately. are there eod specialists? as a matter of fact, yes. etc.
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