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World name generation is something I'm doing some deep thinking about before I do any serious further work on it. It would be easy to go down a path that would close off lots of cool options down the line.

The end result I'm after is that you should be able to choose a world name generator from a drop-down list. The generator could either be a script, or a names file as I have at the moment. Having the option of using names files is important because you might want to use a name generator that isn't written in Python or just doesn't integrate with StarBase. All you do is use whatever generator you like to create a list of a few thousand world names, and StarBase can use them.

What I need to decide are things like, how does StarBase find and recognise name generator scripts and name files? Should they be linked to world stats generator scripts (i.e. rules files)? After all, you might want to use a different script to generate Klingon or Vargr worlds as well as just their names.

I'd like to be able to pass parameters to world generation scripts, and perhaps name generation scripts too, but what kind of parameters is it feasible to pass in and how to generate a UI for them?

Tricky questions. At the moment I think I need a Name_Gen directory for name lists and name generation scripts, then use a file naming convention to identify them to the application. After all you might want to have information files, data files or library scripts in there too. That could get messy though. Maybe each generator or name list should be tucked away in it's own sub-directory, like rules files are at the moment?

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