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In MTU the Imperial Civil Service is a huge affair made up mostly of bureaucrats but including the Imperial Prison Service (part of the Ministry of the Interior), the Imperial News Service (part of the Department of Information, headed by the Minister of State for Information a junior minister at the Interior), Imperial Customs & Excise (jointly maintained by the Interior and Foreign Offices), The Diplomatic Corp, Mercenary Monitoring Office, and Office of the Rules of War (both part of the Ministry of Defence).

Civil Servants are nominally appointed by the Minister of the Civil Service (usually the Chairman of the Grand Council) on the advice of the Principal Secretary of the Office of Decrees and Treaties (Head of the Home Civil Service). They range from junior, non governing, nobles down to ordinary educated Imperial Citizens.

There are also Civil Servants attached to the General Government of each Sector.

This does not include the Foreign Civil Service (Diplomatic Corp).

This is just part of MTU government structure which varies quite a bit from canon.
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