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Default Imperial Civil Service

What does the Traveller canon say about the Imperial Civil Service? I remember a psionic troubleshooter from "Secrets of the Ancients", but that's all. I'm thinking more about the ordinary bureaucracy who don't have psionic powers.

How independent are they when the Emperor has supreme power? Could they say "That's a very daring policy, Emperor" like sir Humphrey Appleby, or would they get their heads cut off?

How do they interact with the nobility, eg can they advise even archdukes to follow Imperial policy? Does a new emperor appoint a whole new team of senior civil servants (the US model), or could they assist the nobility in providing continuity (the UK model)? To what extent do they have direct power over local planetary governments and to what extent do they operate through the new feudal system of local nobility?

Your thoughts please, thank you.
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