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1087 SEH Lt. Colonel Chehesti was notified that a planet-side Army unit had been ambushed and taken prisoner. Reliable intelligence placed the prisoners and their captors in a cave complex nearby. Time was of the essence because the fanatical resistance sect was known to torture and kill military prisoners. As the nearest force capable of mounting a rescue operation, she quickly planned one using a set of maps from the site report prepared by a team of Imperial archaeologists who had studied the area a decade earlier.
The impromptu maneuvers of the Marine assault units in “The Battle of the Caves”, making full use of the multi-dimensional nature of cave pathways for grav equipped troops, was a model of three dimensional fire and maneuver. Chehesti deserves to be commended for the superb training and conduct of the soldiers under her command in this operation and the innovative use of Naval space combat techniques in meteorite belts in such a novel and applicable situation.
But it was her personal, heroic push past the final opposition fire points that saved the captives from a last minute execution. She always chose a forward path that would draw fire towards herself and away from any hard-pressed companion. She personally killed the two rebels just as they started to murder their captives.

Upon hearing the concerns of the General in command about collateral damage to the historic royal burial chambers in the cave complex,
“Not to worry, sir! We won’t kill anyone who’s already <traditional Marine expression> dead.”
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