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Year/Award/Commendation Text
1075 SEH Captain Imaah Chehesti, of the 77th Marine Flight Assault Squadron, was off-duty when the alert was broadcast to all hands. Knowing every second counted, she rushed to the nearest fighter and launched off into the atmosphere at maximum acceleration towards the foes. With superlative skill she dodged incoming missile and laser fire and took out a brace of turrets on one of the four attacking vessels, the Reaver Heaven, a 1200 ton spherical cruiser of the Rivenworld class. Exploiting the newly created gap in its defensive fire plan, she maneuvered next to the Reaver Heaven and flew along side it, matching its trajectory and staying in its blind spot. From this position she fired upon the other vessels with telling effect. Their return fire was successfully dodged which resulted in further damage to the Reaver Heaven. Misunderstanding the reason for the attack, and fearing treachery, the Reaver Heaven directed its fire against its compatriots. The pirate fleet broke off its attack and scattered, all cohesion lost due to the perceived treachery of its members. Her actions in disrupting the attack saved all nine vessels of the strike force and the mission. As the Reaver Heaven fled, Captain Chehesti maneuvered around it and deftly disabled each of its turrets in turn. When the last weapon was disabled she opened televid communication with the vessel on an open frequency and demanded (and accepted) its surrender.
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