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Imaah was born in 1055. Her mother died of complications during childbirth and Imaah was raised by her very popular Imperial Marine Sergeant Major (SGM) father. SGM Almaah Chehesti was killed in a grav vehicle accident when Imaah was nine, she was adopted by his unit and raised collectively by the unit members of the 117th Orbital Assault Regiment. Imaah’s new family adored her “can-do!” fearless approach to life. Young Imaah developed early given the tough physical training she received tagging along with shoreside training maneuvers, not to mention the less-than-endearing mannerisms of an enlisted marine among his comrades in the field.

At the age of 14, she acquired an altered set of identify papers that would make her pass for 18 (rumored with the help of the new regimental SGM) and also help get her accepted into the Imperial Naval Academy. (It’s speculated that young Imaah was becoming too much of a temptation to the weaker-willed marines in the unit, aside from being far more ready than the usual 18 year old for the tough Academy life.) In 1069 she entered the Imperial Naval Academy on Core. After graduating with honours in 1072, newly commissioned as a Marine Captain, she entered the Imperial Flight Academy (again graduating with honours) followed by Command College. Chehesti spent two tours of duty in the Marine Flight Branch before transferring into the elite commando branch.

General Imaah “Chesty” Chehesti retired from the Imperial Marines after thirty two years of duty, the last four of which were on Liason duty with the Imperial Scout Service in the Vargr territories next to the Spinward Marches. The marines of the 77th Marine Flight Assault Squadron installed the original, lovingly maintained “Laser of Love” on the vessel’s starship’s hard point and her “parents”, the active duty and retired marines of the 117th Orbital Assault Regiment, now nicknamed “Chesty’s Own”, totally refurbished the vessel to be suitable for a Sector Admiral’s quarters. Tukera Lines generously donated travel tickets and cargo space so former and current unit members could attend the day’s ceremonies and bring their gifts. Duke Norris of Regina spoke on behalf of Emperor Strephon at Deshault Naval Base on Regina:

“General Chehesti, the Emperor regrets that duties of state require him to remain in Core and unable to attend your retirement ceremony in person. He has asked me to thank you, on his behalf, for the gallant and valuable services you have performed on behalf of the Imperium and for the stellar example you have set for every soldier in the Imperium. The Imperium will remain safe while citizens like you rise to its defense. The Empress, too, wishes to thank you both for your service to the Imperium and for saving her husband from an assassin’s bullet. She is donating the revenues from her estates on Core for one year to the Orphans of Imperial Military Parents in your name, on behalf of her children.”

(General Chehesti at the Emperor’s Birthday Pool Party just moments before taking two bullets to save his life, 1095.)

Chesty’s parting words on dealing with politics in the military were simple and salty, just the way she likes it:

“Duke Norris, thank you for your kindness and, more importantly, your can-do attitude when it comes to defending the Imperium. Please give my regards to Emperor Strephon and Empress Irene when you see them next, and convey it was – and always will be – both an honour and a pleasure to serve them.”

“Assembled soldiers and veterans, greetings! I’ll keep this short and sweet.” (Applause.) “Here are my simple rules to live by. (1) Never let the bastards get you down; drive you to your knees. (2) And if they do, headbutt them in the balls!” (Loud applause.) “(3) Remember, full uniforms are optional – but recommended – in all combat situations. Never wear underwear you wouldn’t want plastered all over Imperial Space.” (Loud laughter and applause.)

“It’s been an honour and a pleasure to spend my life among Marines and; as much as it pains me as a Marine to say it, among you Scout sissies, Army pukes and Navy wusses too! You are all a credit to the Imperium, your families, to the Emperor and to our most generous Empress. Thank you very much for a job well done!”

“Now, for the really important question of the day, in a stadium chock-full of handsome men in uniform, how can a single civvie girl get a guy to buy her a drink?”

The enlisted men and Marine officers roared out enthusiastically as General Chehesti left the podium and started working her way through the crowd, shaking hands or hugging those who came up to her, in between taking swigs from an iridium flask.

(Imperial Marine General Imaah "Chesty" Chehesti, Ret.)

Library Data

Chehesti, Imaah “Chesty”, General, Imperial Marines, Ret.
Personal Data
Born 1055, Vland sector.
Father: Command Sergeant Major Almaah Chehesti, Imperial Marines, deceased, 1064.
Mother: René Chehesti, deceased, 1055.

Military Career


Imperial Naval Academy, Core/Core, Honors Graduate, Commissioned Marine Captain (O2).

Naval Flight School, Honors Graduate, entered Marine Flight Branch

Command College

77th Marine Flight Assault Squadron, Reaver’s Deep. Awarded Starburst for Extreme Heroism (SEH) for action on Luushakaan during Piracy Suppression Strike.

Staff College

77th Marine Flight Assault Squadron, Reaver’s Deep. Awarded SEH for action during the siege of Carrill. Promoted to O3.

7th Imperial Marine Commando Force, Reaver’s Deep. Awarded SEH for Police Action on Gaagir. Promoted to O4.

5th Imperial Marine Commando Force, Reaver’s Deep. Awarded SEH for Raid on Carrill. Promoted to O5.

9th Imperial Marine Commando Force, Cmdr., Reaver’s Deep. Awarded SEH for Police Action on Gaagir. Promoted to O6.

Imperial Household Marines, Cmdr, Core/Core. Awarded Purple Heart and Meritorious Conduct under Fire (MCUF) for foiling assassination attempt upon Emperor Strephon.

33rd Imperial Army Group, Cmdr, Spinward Marches. Awarded SEH for Police Action on Mora/Byret.

312th Scout Explorer Fleet, Marine Liason Officer, Vargr Extents.

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