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Senator Zhumacte
“I quote from your report! ‘All local planetary groundside forces disbanded. Imperial Army elements converging on Down Regis Starport to begin a holding action while Marines leave the planet.”

General Chehesti
“Exactly my point, Sir! It’s quite clear that this is not a disaster. Does the Senator know the TO&E – the Table of Organization and Equipment - of the forces under my command?” (Senator Zhumacte shakes his head signifying ‘No.’) “Note that in the disposition of forces section – that’s the one with all the numbers in it” (laughter from the audience) “ – my forces are at full strength and with sufficient military stores for offensive operations. Note that there were zero casualties and zero material loss since my last report. Zero sir! Every military professional knows that retreating in good order in the face of the enemy is the most difficult operation there is. To achieve zero losses if we were being routed would be impossible. But, I’ll try to put this in terms that anyone can easily understand, that any damn fool ought to be able to figure out for themselves.”

“This is said with all due respect to General Van Horst and the fine Army soldiers under my command, who performed in an exemplary fashion, and with whom it was an honour to serve with and to command.”

“So, let’s recap that quote from my report, ‘Imperial Army elements converging on Down Regis Starport to begin a holding action while Marines leave the planet.’”

"In a nutshell, the Marines would never, EVER retreat before the Ar-my did. Du-uh!

Senator Zhumacte
(Hysterical laughter from the audience.) “Order! Order!” (The Chairman of the Committee was unable to restore order and the session was cancelled.)

General Chehesti
(Recorded speaking privately to an Aide on the way out) “I’m going to step outside and get a good belt. Shame none of these pustulent vipers will step outside with me, I’d love to give them a good belt too.”
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