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Ah, followers of the Dark Nests Conspiracy, I see... Next you will tell me that the dormant psionic ability allows the Hive to predict the future with greater success...

Here is a stetch of what I had considered...

I had considered involving the Hivers but more in the form of Red Herrings. The plot so far was a naval vessel en route to Research Station Omega gets embroilled with the internal politics of Project Chronos, led by a brilliant Solomani Scientist who wishes to prove that Humaniti did originate from Terra, as humans are the only beings who can have recursive travel. An explosion planted by the Hivers throws the Research Station back in time to the year 1105. The Solomani scientist escapes believing the year to be 1090 whereby, she could affect the outcomes of the Rim War.

In the persuit of the scientists the young Naval officers befriend the young son of an Arch-Duke...

The Scientist makes a convincing case for Liberal Democracy being the highest form of government and the Hegellian telos of history was interrupted when the Clash of Civilizations between the Terrans and Vilani met. Now the only hope lay within the sphere to assert a pure form of politics...
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