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Ok, this started over at the T5 Cybernetics thread, but rather than hijack it I'm moving stuff over here. I'm just curious what y'all think of a Forbidden Science Mystery Archeology Campaign for Traveller.

Originally posted by Flynn:
A number of the DGP products speak about the role of cyborgs in society, attaching a heavy social stigma to cybernetics modifications. It is noted that on some worlds, even one cybernetic prosthesis can make one become defined as a machine, and therefore property.

You know, that really sounds like a Vilani thing to me. "You have served Naasirka well Haamarin, and we mourn the sacrifce you have made for us: your family will be honored. As set out in the book of Agaanshaga, the loss of your limbs and their replacement by profane metal equals a loss of your soul. You are now and forever the property of Naasirka. But do not despair, we shall treat you well 74-B-90032."

In general I like to think that most of the prohibitions and prejudices against certain forms of tech are Vilani in origin. Not just because they are a little insular and traditional, but because they genuinely know better. I like to think that the Second Imperium is littered with stories of Solomani disregarding Vilani prohibitions on genetic engineering, bio-tech, cybernetics, etc, and then paying a horrible, horrible price for it. But then again, I may just be looking for a way to adapt 'Tomb of the Cybermen' into a Traveller adventure.
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