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Small Starburst Setting: Some Basic Background Info.

Standards and Assumptions of the Permatic Imperium (or the primary differences from the OTU).

Time. The Permatic Imperium is set some time distant in many thousands of years from the present day. The Third Imperium is long behind. Once Hop, Skip and then Vault Drives where invented and perfected during the later Fourth Imperium and throughout the Fifth Imperium, humans gained a galactic presence. So if there is a connection is long since been forgot or warped in the retelling.

Space. The Permatic Imperium is one of the new empires rising from once was a vibrant past of Imperial exploration of the galaxy. The Riftborne Domains are a sparse group (marked in orange) with three standard density clusters (marked in blue) floating in a rift off the Orion Arm, supposedly rim-spinward of the both the old Capitals and the old Lost Worlds.

Drive Technologies. This is an Imperium recreating the glories of a legendary star empire. One of those glories were the Fantastic Drives and Powerful Plants of the Old Empires. Vladimir II holds this and many other secrets of the Fifth Imperium and has been slowly introducing them. His Navy holds the secret of anti-matter power plants and Hop drives, it also has upped tech weapons and defenses not in just first line ships, but also on its second line ships. This technology is what allows the Permatic Imperium to claim all the worlds within 10 parsecs of the Capital. The Riftborne Territories as they were first charted were settled by waves of Vault Driven starships on the edge of civilization and the route to the next arm. The Domains as they eventually became fell into the collapse of the Third Interregnum because the Vault ships from the Imperium no longer came. Till Vladimir showed up that is.
⁃ The Astroporters Guild and the First Exodus of the Powered Individuals form the Terran sphere of influence.
⁃ Jump Drive is invented by a group of various interested in either competing with, or just to break the AG's power and monopoly over interstellar space travel, or to abandon the old STL interstellar drive system. This Era is ripe for Adventures in a variety of genres.

Psionics. This is a culture much more like the Zhodani in their view of psionics and its place in serving the Imperium. Also, as the descendants of the once mighty super-powered humans of Terra, the humans of this age are more inclined to have things like Talents and Abilities that are in the OTU "Alien Only!". Such things a Mimicry, Awareness, Perception and the like. Also, humans in this TU first reached the stars with Astroportation. (Stutterport, which now I don't have to figure out, thanks again Marc.) In fact, one of the many eras for latter stories are the Great Jump Wars, where the newly formed Jump starship companies had to fight a cold and sometimes hot war with the powerful Astroporters' Guild for control of space.

ManKinds. Humanity as it was is no more except on a few xenophobic worlds that "keep the old ways and don't mix with outsiders". There are however still the genes of those Terran ancestors. Such as the Bibickians, a minor human, heavyworlder race who are known for their love of danger and settling hellworld, mostly seen in the military or scouts. There are the descendants of the uplifted creatures of Terra and its colonies and the mecha-electro life once called robots or androids who are now full Citizen races of the Imperium.
⁃ Since the Great Rebellion of the Dispossessed that preceded the Fifth Empire those Sophonts who are made, not born, have been considered Persons under Imperial Law. This has allowed synthetic persons or sophontoids to pursue careers throughout the various Imperiums that have come since the Great Rebellion.
⁃ Several of the those most popular careers for sophontoids have been in the realms of the courts and academia. It is here that a sophontoid's amazing abilities to data mine in real time come into their own. A decision handed down by a sophontoid judge would do Zhi Peng the Careful proud with the depth of citations. Such decision are generally handed down in two formats, the abstract and the annotated. The abstract decision contains the basic opinion and citations necessary to understand the court's ruling, while the annotated decision has precedence chains and links, the record of hearings and motions, evidence and briefs that allow a reader to throughly examine the ruling and the reasoning behind it. This depth is also found in the papers and books of those sophontoids that inhabit the lofty intellectual fields of the sciences.

Neural Cybernetic Implants. NCIs are far more common on high TL worlds than is seen in the OTU. Many societies will implant at birth or even during gestation and allow the sophont and implant to merge during growth. This makes the use of such implants second nature to those who have been born with them. They require more work to use for adults who receive implants later in life, such as a low tech world citizen joining the Imperial Marines and being wired up in order to use the high tech gear they are issued. This also means many high tech worlds not only have a (inter)planetary data network, but also an active mechanical telepathy network.

Biotech and Fusion+. This is a world that started with 20th Century US holding not just the superpowers card but the true secret, the technology of cold fusion. It also started with a great interesting in unlocking the human genome's other hidden treasures, the advent of super-powers being a Black Swan Event. This has led to an Imperium that uses much more biotech than the OTU seems to. Spaceships, BattleDress, Evening Wear, all are most likely micro-biomech systems. An example of this in popular media would be in the Pilot for Star Trek: Enterprise when Captain Archer get wounded and wakes up with an alien starfish attached to the wound. In the Permatic Imperium he not only would not freak out, but would expect something similar to treat such a wound. Also bio-mech gel in spat packs for emergency trauma. And quite possibly those fusion guns the IM carry might have biological components, the BattleDress sure does.

The Glories of the Old Empires. The Old Empires is the first bit of BS, since when most people use the phrase what they really mean is maybe the tail end of the Fourth, but mostly the Fifth that succeeded it and the Sixth that tried to hold together a galactic empire shocked to be losing not just its war, but the Immortal Rufus the Seventeenth of His Name, Emperor of 10,000 Stars, etc., etc., etc.. The truth is there were four human star empires before the Fifth, it just that the Fifth was the first one to keep the light it had held up before the darkness of space the entire time it existed. Or so they claim. But it is this claim that allowed a somewhat mid-level Archduke of the Old Fifth Empire to claim a Throne he had brought with him from the depths a shattered empire in search of the Emperor who sent him into the Dump after the relic Living Sapphire Throne of the Second Imperium.

The Imperial Dump System. Somewhere, it is said during the glory days of the Second Imperium, others the mighty Third or Last Terran Empire did, some say it is the secret gift of the Empire of the PsiLords. It matters not, what does matter is that long ago, man discovered the wisdom keeping some of what he threw away. So that in times of collapse the next generation could find the Dump and the caches within, then restart interstellar civilization. The Fifth Imperium not only kept to tossing garbage into the Dumps, but also full working models of various technologies along with tools and self instructing manuals. It was this that mining of the Dumps of the Fifth Imperium that led the Sixth to first shatter in two, the then for both to fall. Eventually they took too much and could not keep what they took. It is said in the Rumors that the Dump System of old used to house the Great Gate System of the Fifth Imperium and there have been some questions of why if Vlad can open the Dump of the Far Stars because he is of the Old Empire, then why didn't he just gate here with the Throne through that system? But then again, could just be a Rumor.

A Young and Growing Imperium. The Permatic Imperium is young two hundred years old. Vlad took at least fifty years setting up to found the Permatic Imperium. What is inside the Purple Line is under the Imperial Banner and pretty stable. The Capital is well defended and a model of Gov 8 Civil Service Bureaucracy which is what one would expect of the capital of an interstellar empire to be. The areas to the rim-trailward are still a bit wild having only been under the Banner for about half a century now and on that border lies a Confederation recently seeking to join the Imperium as a semi-autonomous state. To the coreward, in faded glories and hiding nobility lies the remnants of the old Sixth Imperium. To the spinward are the Free Spinward States, some worlds seeking to join the Imperium, others see the Imperium as potential oppressor, still others don't really care as long as the trade flows. To the rimward between the FSS and the Confeds lie the Buffer States, home to Count Rudolf Interhaus and Astro U's (famed Design University) own native, Lieutenant Coronel Nick Sutton of the Royal Marines. Finally to the trailing there lies the Boothe Cluster a group of system recently recontacted by the Imperium, but other than that it is an open wilderness.
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