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Default Imperial Scout Rescue Service - 03

the playground:

the boat:

the players:

pilot (Shadow Shack)
Nyco Layne (mH)
6A9687 age: 33
vacc suit / 0G 2*(hazard suit +1, else -1)
pilot 2*(A)
medical 1

computer tech (vegas)
Shigiikarishi Ishkiigegakag
57AC88, age 28
vacc suit / 0G 2*(hazard suit +1/else -1)
computer 2*(security+2, else-1)
electronics 2*(general)
comms 2
robotics 0
medical 1
forgery 1

navigator (npc)
Drip (nek Kiag)
566BA6, age 22
vacc suit / 0G 1
pilot 1, navigation 2*
electronics 2*(general)
sidearm 1

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