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Well imo and imtu part of the fine print of any commercial ship loan includes many caveats, one of them being a requirement to only use refined fuel. Use of unrefined fuel is cause for calling the loan and seizing the assets (ship and all it's cargo, yes even the speculative cargo bought by the crew or it's factors). So, ships trading off the mains (away from class A and B ports) need to have a purifier installed to insure refined fuel.

Further a big part of any loan (and this is the book rule not just mtu) is a sound business plan and "fly around gambling on speculative cargo and adventuring" is not a business plan no matter how well it works

Of course, again, whatever is making the game fun should not be dropped in favor of (somebody else's) "rules" without due consideration.

Oh, also never say impossible in front of the players, they'll always find a way [img]graemlins/file_22.gif[/img] For example the misjump issue. Even using refined fuel they may jump too soon and close to a planet (for any number of sensible, i.e. insane, reasons) and that increases the odds a lot. No doubt one of them is going to think about that savings of a couple days next time they are behind schedule and consider attempting to initiate a misjump on purpose
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