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Originally posted by RickA:
I read some discussions here about how hard it is to make money as a jump 2 free trader.


Is this what you guys see as well? Maybe I'm doing something wrong but I don't know what it could be.

The strict analysis of a ship's profitability usually does not include any form of speculative trading.

Further, most of the real work in analysis is based on the CT:Book 2 model (that I've found). The T20 model is based on CT:B2, but has extensions to heighten profitability. (If anyone has some links to posted analyses done in CT:Book 7, MT, TNE, T4, or GT, can you please post it?)

The real tough part in T20 is the cargo and passenger availability charts. I created a random generator for this. It turns out that when going from Higher TL worlds to Lower TL worlds, there are plenty of cargo lots and passengers to ship (that trip is frequently quite profitable). But trying to climb back up the TL ladder by travelling in reverse doesn't work out so easily (the short time I spent looking at this side indicated there were substantial problems). Priority Cargo and Double Occupancy helps out alot (but there is no rule covering the acceptability of Double Occupancy to traveller single passengers; which is somewhat interesting). Hazardous and Security Cargo can create a lot of trouble if their activation is played straight out of the book.

CT:Book 2's speculative trading system is widely acknowledged as radically broken. The speculative trading rules in T20 are based on CT:B2, and so they are equally broken.

It is my belief (and the belief of several others), that the entire CT:B2 and T20 trade models exist not as a representative model of the actual conduct of interstellar trade (although it's effectively the only system available for actual discussion of the subject, and so there is a conflict where these broken and admittedly non-general models are applied to the general case), but rather as a "system" that leads to shorting the PCs of available cash. The speculative trade system is supposed to come with (although it isn't really mentioned) "complications", provided by the GM.

If you're really going into long-term economic trading by the PCs, you might want to take a look at CT:Book 7.

The CT:B2 and T20 speculative trade systems, run without complications tossed in by the GM, and with a good Broker skill manipulating the AVT, are a license to print Imperial Credits.
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