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Hmmmm, you make good illustration of some issues.

My crew isn't using the actual floorplan in the module, we're using the "scout courier type s" found on this site

Working that over a bit it seems they have about 20 tons of cargo space.

Carrying speculative cargo... lets address that. I've been viewing speculation as a simple process in which the crew is visiting planet XYZ. They find someone with 50 tons of fertilizer for sale. The crew buys 20 tons of it from the grateful seller and flys it to another world. On that world they test the market to find out if anyone wants to by fertilizer. Sure enough, they find a desperate buyer and sell their 20 tons for over double what they paid for it.

That's the way it has worked on almost every leg of the trip. That "Take 10" on the broker roll and get an automatic +/- 3 is a nice feat/skill combo. But, hey, that's why you have a Merchant aboard, right?

Expenses. Well, they buy unrefined fuel at cr100/ton. That's 2400cr per jump I believe (don't have the numbers right in front of me). Since they buy lifesupport in bulk they get a nice 10% discount on that. Add in the cost of monthly maint and they are expensing less than cr10k/jump.

They made in profit cr260,000 on one jump alone, transporting construction equipement from Endpoint to Galik.

Now, your point about it being silly that a 150 (?) year old scout ship having a 40 year mortgage on it... good point. Very good point, lol. That ship has already sailed though in my game, I'm stuck with that mortgage rate.

Captain of the ship is hoping to save up about 5Mcr for down on a nice 200 ton trader and get out of the ol' Broad Side of a Barn. I figure that would be an endgame goal for my group. And at the current rate... she'll be there after another couple of months of play. (And only taking that long because the 7 players are splitting the costs of spec cargo and the profits, giving the "ship" 10% of the profit or standard haulage rates, whichever is lower).

Hmmmm. It just seemed like they were pulling down a lot of coin, and I suspect the reason is the unopposed skill check on brokerage.
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