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Originally Posted by Garnfellow View Post
I caught the first part of this TOS episode the other night and was surprised how little I remembered from this first couple of acts. I've probably seen all these episodes a dozen times each but it amazes me how some details have faded. Stray observations:
  • Everyone remembers the gimmicky deus ex machina (Vulcans have an extra eyelid!) but this episode is Dark as F.
  • Kirk's brother (played by Shatner) and sister-in-law die!
  • Spock's research shows a wave (well, line) of space madness moving across entire star systems, destroying each civilization it touches. (Sound familiar?)
  • Alien parasites are the source of the madness, taking over the inhabitants of infected worlds and forcing them to do their bidding.
  • The parasites are "making us build starships!" to take carry them to new worlds
  • The parasites look really stupid but there's some scary body horror here: they insinuate themselves into the nervous system of their hosts. I'm reminded of the cruciforms from Hyperion.
TOS was a horror show of the week for sure.
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