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Originally Posted by BRover View Post
"Terran Gentleman" sounds like moonshine--which is perennial. Reportedly, a family barn just 7 miles (under 12 km) from here has the copper tubing for distillation embedded in the walls as a Prohibition remnant. And how many war stories, especially naval, but also some ground units, include alcohol distilled by enterprising sailors or soldiers.
Moonshine often hits 70% ABV, but also is sometimes as low as 25% ABV... it's basic grain alcohol. And some of it is in fact up to several percent methanol - hence the risks - due to careless brewing of the mash and distilling from the mash. (holding the wort at 150F for a bit to get the methanol out is a VERY good idea in any distillation. The desirable ethanol distils at about 175F. anywhere from 175F to 205F can get other sometimes-desired flavor elements out of the mash.)

Most of the flavor of whiskey is the barrel - the alcohol literally leaches flavors out. Straight corn-liquor is clear and almost tasteless... tho if you distill ad about 205F, it carries some of the flavors over.

So, if it's not clear colorless, "Terran Gentleman" is using some form of flavoring... like possibly, barrels previously emptied of higher quality booze...
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