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Originally Posted by atpollard View Post
Any advantage in having the small craft (Launch?) fly high cover?
Eyes in the sky sort of thing?
That was my thought. Link it to the ship's sensors. Route that to me, I guess, if I'm not going to be on the bridge.

Originally Posted by atpollard View Post
It seems to me that hijacking a starship full of 'treasure' is probably the low hanging fruit for any criminal endeavor. We need to focus on CCC for the ship. That seems the best way to steal a fortune in 20 ton bricks and run off with it.

And, if you mean by "hijack" to take us over with one of the folks Mr V is bringing along, that will be moderately difficult. However, if you mean by that "shoot the crew and the mine people once everything is loaded and steal the whole kit and kaboodle" then, yes, I would be concerned with that. But, yes, unless there's the probability of an army coming over the hill, we're probably pretty well prepared. (Remember, Mr V only owns 75% of the mine; the other 25% interests might want to no longer be a minority shareholder.)

Originally Posted by sabredog View Post
The launch is only 1G, so it would be doing the lumbering in a way.
That's our launch. What capability does the Krovitz have?
1836! Come and take it!
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