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You are describing what it was like using fuzzy radar images of the Vietnam era. Back in the '80s synthetic aperature radar could give 30m resolution at dozens of km, and passive FLIR was sufficient to launch air-to-air missiles on targets at any angle of approach. What the US mil has now blows that away. Any reasonable extrapolation to tech centuries more advanced is a handwave.

Beams should work on "bearing only" data, because it should include an order-of-magnitude range. If your beam is limited to 30K you'd know if the bogey is closer to 10K km or 100K or beyond. For a target closer than that, bearing-only wouldn't really apply unless it's a black globed ship.

Your gunner can take a guess at relative vector, and since it only takes 0.1 sec to cover 30K the estimated velocity need only be good to a factor of 2 at that range. The real challenge to the gunner's skill is guessing the angle of motion from a short series of indistinct blips.

A sensor fix is more than enough to fire beams at full accuracy, and is the best you can do with passive sensors. A lock means that active sensors has focused a narrow coded-pulse beam on which a passive missile can home, which would give your gunners a slight bonus to hit.

In the case of target ECM, then you get something less than a sensor fix where you know your incoming data is screwed. You may have spurious images that make a fix impossible and give multiple targets for your gunners to choose among.
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