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Seems to me you're making hard work of work that's allready hard enough. As I understand BL's sensor rules, if an object is within extreem passive range you get that object as a bogey. ie you know somethings there you just don't know anything else about it. If you succeed at a sensor task based on range to target you get a lock. Now that seemed fairly simple in what many people complain is a complex and difficult ship combat system. Why do you want to add another type of sensor result, bearing, fix, and Lock, when Bogey and Lock do the job.

"I am trying to make up some useful, simplified sensor rules for space combat, and am in a quandry. Here are some of my ideas so far:"

Maybe I'm just playing semantics but it seems to me you're adding complexity not simplicity.
Don't get me wrong adding complexity is fine, it's why I play/ref TNE rather than CT. It just struck me as odd that you'd call it simplying the rules. I too would like to see what you finally settle on.
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