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I actually like this idea a lot, Ran. I just didn't comment because IMTU, the races of the Hive Federation, particular the Hivers themselves are practically extinct.

I'd like to see more abuse of the Hivers myself. While Hivers are probably the most alien of the Traveller aliens, I've never really liked them - their racial trait of manipulation always seems (and is played off by GMs) as too perfect, like everything is one of their plots, and everything, no matter what happens was actually planned by the Hivers in the end. Blah. Dull.

IMTU, they ran into a force that wasn't interested in negotiation or talking, but I think your idea could be more interesting. I've always thought what would happen if a Hiver manipulation went really wrong. For instance, if the Ithklur fought some enemy in a short war, one where the Ithklur fought sort of poorly - perhaps it led to diplomatic solution, or even a Hiver victory in the end, but some Hivers became concerned their "pacification" measures against the Ithklur were robbing the Ithklur of some "essential fire" that made the Ithklur valuable in the first place. Some manipulator gets to reintroducing certain elements reinforce the Ithklur's warrior spirit and it works too well...
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