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Default You might be forgetting some others

Large Corps (Mega Corps) wanting to get a piece of the pie. Send in characters to be the unofficial takers. If they lose or get killed, no Corp is blamed but if they succeed, big returns for the Corp (with maybe the players on the run for their lives

Fed citizens appeal to nearst 3I worlds for help
etc (think B5 during the Shadow war)

Pirates, mercs, thrill seekers and treasure hunters seeing a new prize/payout

Rescue groups/good Samaritans trying to help those less fortunate

Just some ideas.
This could take place say in a small pocket of the Federation. Some Hivers have decided to test the Hiver way of life and see if the Federation can stand up to such. That way it could be an isolated section and not effect the entire Fed space. And it just so happens be on X's border.

Dave Chase
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