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Default Nah, not boring, not as many people reading and posting in the Main Traveller area

Also even though when many people are reading and posting up here in Traveller zone some posts just seem to fade away.

I have also noticed that Traveller players/fanatics are either a Hiver lover or could careless. Now Drones on the other hand always seem to get some bites.

I like the Hivers myself, one of the true alien of aliens in the Traveller universe. Can mess up a players mind with out even having to work very hard at it.

As for the scenario you are presenting,
How would, or why would players want to get involved?
What opportunities are there for profit, knowledge, etc?

Are you wanting to have a new war and make an entire change to the universe
Are you wanting something that is happening outside of Imperial control to tempt your players into going somewhere new and different
are you just wanting to speculate on the possibility and outcome of such action taking place in Hiver Federation.

Dave Chase
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