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Default War in the Federation

Was playing Halo 2 the other day when the idea came to me; what if the Hiver Federation was more like the Covenant with the Hivers filling the roles of the Prophets, the Ithklur as the Brutes, and Humans as the Elite? Then, I transposed this hypothetical situation into MTU as a possible campaign setting.

The scenario: Things are not well in the Federation. Hivers have become isolated intellectually and philosophically from their empire, leaving Fed Humans and Gurvin in tacit political control. But factions are quickly developing, predominately along racial lines. In the vacuum of Hiver leadership, the minority Ithklur (still not as tame as they have let on) have decided to wrestle military domination of the Federation from the other Fed races (Humans, Gurvin, Za'tachk, etc.). The Hivers, when they do react, prove to have totally lost control of their subjects; the Ithklur turned on their masters at the first sign of resistance and have killed many in their quest for power.

As Ithklur forces drive outward toward the border regions, the Solomani, 3I, and K'kree react by reinforcing their borders; the unstoppable force meets the immovable object. And the Ithklur advance shows no sign of slowing; a subject of much consternation for all of Humaniti.

The players could be Vilani or Solomani trapped deep inside the Federation, Federation humans trying to fight back, or maybe some mix forced to deal with the rapidly declining social situation for non-Ithklur. The could also be Solomani or Imperial spies infiltrating Federation worlds already subjugated by the Ithklur to determine the true threat.

Just a thought, any merit to it?
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