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Originally Posted by atpollard View Post
Another thought that occurs to me is how does someone actually steal this stuff? I mean, we just had a long discussion about needing special equipment and procedures to load these small, but ultra heavy containers into a RORO starship. Four guys are not going to drive up and throw a 20 ton brick into a pickup and drive off. So how could someone steal it?

Beyond that, this is a goldmine. They ALWAYS have precious cargo here and they live with the threat (and probably reality) of attempts to 'rob Fort Knox' all of the time ... when they mine, when they store it, when they load it for transport, when it is being transported. They probably have some experience that might be worth listening to for advice.

It seems to me that hijacking a starship full of 'treasure' is probably the low hanging fruit for any criminal endeavor. We need to focus on CCC for the ship. That sbyeems the best way to steal a fortune in 20 ton bricks and run off with it.

Just some thoughts.

Hampton saw this really old movie once, called Goldfinger......the bad guys used gas to clear the way into Fort Knox...a nuke was going to destroy it but Goldfinger didn't have a ship with a gassed crew waiting in place to take it with either. Just thinkin' outside the box in case the bad guys do.
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