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Date: 09 August 3731 AD

Back aboard Fortunate Son, everyone knows that jump exit should be coming soon, and anticipation is high. Finally, it comes, and naturally it comes during shipboard "night shift" when many of the crew and passengers are asleep.

With jump exit approaching it is standard practice to have the Bridge manned at all times. Leo P. Henry has been standing an occasional Bridge watch in addition to his duties as Assistant Engineer, just to relieve Captain Rhodes and First Officer Thar of the tiring alternate watches. Now a small indicator on his workstation begins to flash, indicating the beginning of transition from jump space back into real space.

Elsewhere aboard Fortunate Son:

Max Black, Gayne Maize, Janna Vilshiggur, and Bruno Kansakarrir are snacking and playing cards at the table in the Crew Common Area.

[OOC: I will leave it up to y'all what you are playing, and whether or not money is involved.]

Hampton Rhodes, Kalos Thar, Doc Freeman, and Benjamin Chance are all in their own staterooms, asleep.

Passengers Scott Jarvanigar, Miklos Thanning, David Verchanski, and Sethra Lavode are all in their own staterooms, asleep.

Different individuals show different sensitivity to jump transition. "Groundhogs" often get nauseated and sick, while spacers usually get over that with experience. Even those who do not become ill may be awakened by the transition effects.

[OOC: Someone in the card game will definitely notice the transition. I'll leave it up to the players of sleeping PCs whether or not their PCs awaken, and how it affects them.]

OK, what do y'all do next?
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