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Date: 09 August 3731 AD

Spacer Donoma Lafitte has been "grounded" on Devonia since she resigned her First Officer's position on her last ship, the Mary Deare. That was almost three months ago, and Donoma fears that she made the wrong choice of a world for mustering out, as she has been unable to find any new berth to her liking on any of the few ships that call on Devonia. Perhaps she should have taken passage back into Daibei sector, where ship traffic is heavier...

Now she is down to her last savings, wondering where next month's rent will come from. She would almost consider selling her beloved grav bike, except that what little income she has here is from running package errands on the bike, which can earn her premium rates with its speed and versatility here on this world where even standard grav vehicles are rare. Why, one delivery customer even offered her a job with his carnival, just to fly her bike and do tricks in the air above the Midway!

[OOC: OK, what will Donoma do now?]

[Does she have a listing for Employment Wanted at the starport, or does she just keep an eye open for arrivals and check them out herself?]

[I left it open on whether or not she accepted the carnival job; if you think she would have liked that, feel free to add it to your story; otherwise, just let it go.]

[During her time on Devonia, Donoma has developed a few contacts and friends, and has some ideas for ways to make good money with a ship in this area. I will email those to you so that you can decide how to share them with the others in roleplay.]
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