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Ah, the temptation, the balance of roleplaying vs. expediency in getting this party started...

Mags, obviously you specify what the Scout uniform is IYTU, but Frank ain't an official Scout anymore: mustered-out, detached duty, Not Getting Paid to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous IXSS administration. There is simply no way that with Frank's service experiences he is going to be comfortable wearing his old shipsuit (artistically battered but actually well-maintained, per PC description) with the nametape still attached. And I really doubt that he is even remotely rare in that respect, given the personality, umm, "issues" of most Field Scouts as opposed to Admin (yes, quite often opposed ).

So, [sigh] I'm convinced: smooth as it would have made the introduction, it's Just Not Frank.

So either Julius and Frank actually know each other from some point in their service lives (Good Ol' Permatic Imperial Downport!), or we need to think of a different reason for recognition, or Frank and Julius will just have to wait a few mins and meet in the course of looking for their prospective Patron's limo outside the extrality line (too bad Frank's fieldcraft is too deeply engrained for him to be flashing any visible sign of who he is looking to meet, unless that was part of his instruction for meeting the limo).

[Edit: moving over to IC to get Frank started toward that extrality line and (he hopes!) waiting limo.]
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