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Default Frank's arrival at Bohen Downs

Frank Masuda, recently mustered out of the Imperial eXogalactic Scout Service, Ranger Branch, stepped down off of the courtesy shuttle onto the concrete landing pad of Bohen Downs starport and took a look around. His invitation to come and discuss a business proposition with the local noble, Banner Lord von Ryer, had mentioned the possibility of a pickup by grav limo, but he didn't see one around. Maybe on the other side of the main terminal, outside the extrality line.

Frank wished he had been able to land his Scout ship here at Bohen Downs, where all of his gear would be more readily accessible, but the Banner's regulations and fee schedules were definitely slanted toward docking all starships at the Highport and going down to the planet surface by shuttle. The ship he had been assigned as a detached duty vessel had a strange name, "Whatever's Clever," which seemed to invite renaming. Fortunately, although it wasn't the ship he had used in The Service, it was at least a Ranger-equipped ship, with certain extras including a programmable transponder. As soon as he had a mission or had decided where to go from here, it would be easy to change.

Frank decided that he needed to head into the terminal to:
1) get into some shade;
2) find a secure locker for his Gauss pistol (banned by LL6);
3) call the local Chapter House of the Knights of the Empire to ask questions about Bohem, including whether he might carry his Gauss pistol with Tranq needles only (LL6 allows "stunners");
4) find someplace to buy a stunner if he can't carry his own pistol; and
5) recheck the invitation saved on his comm regarding instructions for getting out to the Banner's ranch (maybe he needs to call for limo pickup).

[Frank needs to know if he is accompanied by any other PCs before unilaterally declaring much further, I think...]
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