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SpaceBadger January 14th, 2014 03:40 PM

[SBRD] IC Game: Chapter 00.1 (Victor's backstory)
[Vladika: I sent you the earlier part of your backstory by PM, since you may reasonably want to keep most of that secret from the other players, at least for now. The following part, from travel as "Victor Rotha" to Nexus up to present date, wouldn't be known by other PCs but is included for amusement of other players (only fair, you get to read their adventures from about the same date! :D ).]

[Other Players: As stated, your PCs won't know any of this unless "Victor" chooses to tell them.]

At Freehold the false travel ID is discarded (records showing transit outsystem) and he assumes the "Victor Rotha" identity that he often uses when undercover (although he fears that after this deal, "Victor" may need to disappear and be replaced by a new identity in similar role).

Victor sniffs around Freehold system for some likely customer who would buy the missile controls and sell them to some small-time Reaver gang or (preferably) the Iltharan Empire. He learns of a gang at Nexus-Under (Nexus XII-H/Hate) that has recently done some deals to supply high-tech weapons to the Iltharans and decides to travel there to make his pitch.

Victor arrives at Nexus-Under on 3731-08-09 (he has been here before and has a standing "invitation" so his shuttle is not destroyed on approach), pays the Cost-of-Doing-Business fee to the Triarchy, settles himself into luxury accomodations, and sets about making contact with Wong-Utryev Factors.

During the weeks that follow he makes initial contact with an underling of the gang, shows his display holo, does some other business while waiting for an invite to meet with the decision-makers of WUF (that "other business" is the 3 dTons you mentioned him having stashed; let's leave that undefined for now). He also becomes aware of being followed a few times; this may just be WUF checking up on him, or may be someone else.

Finally on 3731-08-22 he gets a meeting with Wong Harold, who he believes is fairly high up in the WUF gang hierarchy. He shows his promotional holo, displays a sample control board, explains that his main stash is back in Freehold and that he can order more if demand is there. Following local custom, the meeting is followed by an all-night banquet that tests Victor's carousing skills to keep his wits.

In the early morning hours of 3731-08-23, he staggers back to his lodging, only to be attacked in the hallway outside his door! There is no doubt that the attacker means to kill him, as the vibe-knife buzzing past his ear quickly informs him. Fortunately he is able to squirm away to reach his own hidden pistol and take down his opponent (your choice: kill him and hide the body, or tranq him and leave him someplace embarrassing or inconvenient).

Not knowing whether this is WUF's way of saying "No" to the proposed deal, or an attack by some third party, or (least likely, in this business, but always a possibility) a casual murderous mugger, Victor grabs a few items from his room and heads for a getaway stash he had prepared during his two weeks of working toward the previous night's meeting. At the stash he has a vaccsuit, PLSS, and several extra Life Support refills. With these he can disappear into the unpressurized parts of the old mining base and stay there for days if necessary.

Taking shelter in a room with a hatch that he can close and lock, he connects his datapad to the laser comm that he had arranged outside the complex, and checks the ship listings over at the main Highport over Nexus XII-G. Surprise, surprise, there in the ship's officer list he finds his old friend, Kalos Thar, now apparently serving aboard a frontier trader, Fortunate Son. He ponders a moment, decides it wouldn't hurt to check into a ride outsystem, and sends Kalos a recorded comm.

After a short wait, he receives a comm back from Kalos, who has now been promoted to Acting Captain of Fortunate Son. It appears that he may have a way off this rock, if he can survive until Kalos arrives.

Victor sends a recorded comm to Wong Harold stating that he is delayed by other business and won't make the scheduled afternoon meeting to finalize the sale. That will buy him some time to figure out what is going on and what he needs to do.

[Following this, see main IC thread in Chapter 02: Nexus, beginning about page 13 (some overlap).]

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