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flykiller July 10th, 2019 02:35 PM


has team lead been taken
nope, you can step in as that character if you want.


equus sounds familiar
yep, from a previous game here.

ManOfGrey July 10th, 2019 04:38 PM

Thank you for the invitation.
If there's still room, I'd like to jump in too. I'd be happy to be the medic, if he's not already taken. :)

(PS... Classic Traveller rules and skills?)

vegas July 10th, 2019 07:44 PM

Hey Shadow Shack, you better hurry up and post. Only got the pilot left...

Oh, and welcome to the team MoGrey. A real Grey's Anatomy.

vegas July 10th, 2019 08:32 PM

@Fly, we have skills, do we have UPPs? Or is this an all 7s game. ;)

flykiller July 10th, 2019 10:57 PM


I'd be happy to be the medic
then you got it. add two or three skills as you like ...


do we have upp's
... and stats as you think approproate, I'll tell you if they're not, I don't want to spend too much time on it. I see "7" as the average for on-the-street, not average for selected in-service active duty. the pilot must have social standing of 7+.

and of course the first IC post is up.

vegas, with electronics 2* your character is on the standard navigator's career track, is that you intent or will he have other goals?

vegas July 11th, 2019 12:51 AM

I rolled 3d6 and kept the highest. This is what I got

Small guy, but a long-distance runner. Super-brainiac, but too bored to excel in school.

Navigator's career track? Sure, that seems like a respectable track to be on. I chose Electronics to go with Computer because this guy is a hacker at heart, software and hardware, he wants to know how things work and what he can make them do. Probably builds robots as a hobby too. I'd give him Mech-0 if you let me.

SpaceBadger July 11th, 2019 10:22 AM

I'm almost ready to post in character as, umm, Lead Guy (name, he needs a name, hmm?), haven't quite got into his head yet. I'm thinking at least one term as regular exploration scout before he got into this rescue stuff, so looking at appropriate skills.

Question to flykiller as GM: What do you regard as the basic "Scout-y" skill for being able to size up terrain, recognize possibly dangerous critters, mentally map out the land? Would that be Recon, or is Recon more military scouting oriented? Maybe Survival? Looking at the T5 skill definitions it seems I'm thinking of Survival and Survey, but what is more important to me is what the GM thinks is the appropriate skill.

Also, what are your thoughts on 0-level skills? I don't intend to play him as a skill mokey or combat monster, but a little familiarity w shotgun and revolver seems appropriate, maybe at 0-level. (Following on tradition from your fiction writing of Scouts w multipurpose load revolvers; otherwise I guess a good ol' snubby would be better for same multipurpose use.)

One more GM Q: I've always envisioned all Scouts as at least proficient Pilots, if not all barnstormers of Han Solo quality. Would Pilot-0, be acceptable, or would that be an encroachment upon the toes of our designated Pilot? Again, not trying to be SuperGuy, just match up to my idea of the character, if ok.

Oh, yeah, does he need to be Human? Kinda thinking Vargr might make an appropriate Scout up there so close to the Extents.

flykiller July 11th, 2019 05:11 PM


for a "hacker" dock a point from some other stat and add it to social standing for ss 8. and keep in mind that social standing is a two-way street - privileges AND obligations, observing AND observed, hacking AND hacked.


mech 0 if you let me
robotics 0.


he needs a name
up to you.


size up terrain, recognize dangerous critters
I recognize survival, wilderness recon, and urban recon. survival is keeping alive in a wilderness situation - keep warm, find water, get food. wilderness recon is safely traversing and tracking in wild undeveloped settings. urban recon is safely traversing and tracking in urban developed settings (see


0-level skills ... would pilot 0 be acceptable
add two skill levels to "lead guy" as you like. as for 0-level skills, I'll consider that later. as for pilot, yeah there's pilot 0 and pilot 1, but the imperium prefers pilot 2* and higher when operating in civilized areas. yeah there's lots of unauthorized pilots all over the place, but if you're landing on an imperial world and they realize you're not fully qualified there will be issues. I envisioned "lead guy" as an engineer, that's all.


does he need to be human
imtu vargr are seen as pirates and are hated. let's do human.

vegas July 11th, 2019 05:35 PM


for a "hacker" dock a point from some other stat and add it to social standing for ss 8
done. 57AC88

SpaceBadger July 11th, 2019 05:46 PM

Scout Rescue Team Leader Eneri Buchannon (nickname Ank), Human (mixed), male, age 40
In 6th Term as Scout, currently assigned (by his request) to Imperial Scout Rescue Service
vacc suit / 0G 2*(hazard suit +1)
engineering 2*
mechanics 2
damage control 2*
medical 1
Wilderness Recon-1
Gun Combat-0 (common Exploration Scout weapons)

As a boy growing up in Glisten Belt, Ank Buchannon had always dreamed of being an Exploration Scout. He wanted to see new places that had never been seen by Human eyes; walk new lands with open skies rather than rock, plastic, and steel compartments; and meet new people who weren't just like all the people he knew. He succeeded in entry to Scout Academy, but his tested aptitudes didn't get him into Contact School. Instead, he was determined to be a good prospect for Ship's Engineer. Ank shrugged and buckled down on his Maths. At least he would be a Scout, and anywhere that Contact and Survey people went, they needed Engineers and Pilots to get them there.

It was about 12 years ago as his ship was returning from a mission, heading back to base for annual maintenance, that Ank discovered his true calling in the Service. They were only 60 diameters out from the Highport when it disappeared in a ball of glowing energy and expanding gasses. The Ine Givar nuke had killed thousands instantly, but it had also maimed and mutilated thousands more, in over one hundred ships and boats and shuttles of varying size, now scattering in all directions out from the bomb-blast, most disabled and out of control in a pitching, rolling, yawing, tumbling mess. Ank's ship immediately joined the rescue efforts. When released back to duty, Ank requested extra training in Damage Control and Rescue, and a transfer to ISRS. He's been doing this work ever since.

EDIT: Oh yeah, stats. Given flykiller's statements re same, I'll just assign what seems right. He's more quick than strong, but flykiller noted, needs to be fit for the job. So probably works out mainly on that quickness and endurance for the hard work, relying on bots and tools to provide strength as needed (hardly gonna rip open broken hatches by hand, anyway). Very intelligent, and educated mostly on the job plus studying varied interests while in Jump. Doesn't care about Soc, never had any, but uniform and position earn some respect.

So how about this:
7BAB96 - Look ok?


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