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Werner March 6th, 2021 11:06 AM

Unicode format for T20 Characters
This is a compact way of representing ability scores and ability MODIFIERS, in order for this system to work it is crucial to remember the order of the ability scores on the character sheet at the back of the T20 core rules book that order is the following: Str, Dex, Con, Int, Edu, Wis, Cha, Soc, and Psi. (Now Psi is not always used, when it is, you seperate it out at the end with a dash, for example: A7C95869-8, if the character has no Psi score you just represent his ability scores like this:A7C95869). After the ability score block, one places the ability modifier block in parenthesis if one wishes like so (53642434) the calculation for ability MODIFIERS is simple, they are half the ability scores rounded down. In a statistics block the ability scores and ability MODIFIERS are shown this way: A7C95869 (53642434). To apply the ability MODIFIERS to skills ability checks and such you must first subtract 5 from the digit in question, for example the strength ability modifier in the stat block above is 5, subtract 5 from that to get +0 and you can apply that to you damage rolls with melee weapons for example. This stat block format is useful for representing a lot of NPC characters in limited space.

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