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SpaceBadger August 9th, 2013 09:24 PM

[SBRD] IC Game: Chapter 01 (Devonia)
[SBRD] Reavers' Deep - The Game Begins!

The Players

Onboard the Fortunate Son:
Sabredog - Hampton Rhodes, Captain and Pilot
ErianFrost - Kalos Thar, First Officer and Pilot/Navigator
ATPollard - Max Black, Chief Engineer and Chief Steward
DaveChase - Doc Freeman, Medical Officer and Cargo Chief
Samuelvss - Leo P. Henry, Asst Engineer and Security
ChaosBennett - Gayne Maize, Asst Medic and Security
NPC - Janna Vilshiggur, Steward and Cargo-hand
NPC - Benjamin Chance, Gunner and Cargo-hand
NPC - Bruno Kansakarrir, Electrician/Mechanic and Cargo-hand
"Grounded" on Devonia:
Fritz_Brown - Donoma Lafitte, Navigator Extraordinaire
LiNeNoIse - no character submitted for approval yet
The Setting

This is not the familiar Third Imperium in which you may have played your Traveller games before; in fact, the Third Imperium won't even exist for another 790 years. This setting is in the year 3731 AD, a little over halfway through the period that will be known throughout Human space as The Long Night. There is no vast governmental authority in Human space, only small multi-world governments and solitary worlds making their own way the best they can.

Interstellar commerce is a mere trickle of what it has been in the past and will someday be again. In many places, pirates prey on what little commerce there is; in the rimward areas of Human space, whole worlds and governments have taken up the trade of piracy on a huge scale, raiding and looting other worlds. Some will call these forces Pirate Worlds, some will call them Space Vikings, but the name that most evokes their heyday has also become the name of the sector where many originate: Reavers' Deep!

Originally called Riftrim Deep for its proximity to the "Thumb" of the Great Rift, Reavers' Deep in 3731 AD is a vast, wild frontier among the stars. There are a few genuinely native sapient species here, and a few more minor Human sub-species that were seeded here 300,000 years ago by those known today as The Ancients. The great Vilani Empire, also known as the Ziru Sirka or First Imperium, never quite made it to this sector but stopped in Daibei sector immediately to trailing. Actual colonization of the Deep did not begin until Terran Humans met Vilani Humans in the Interstellar Wars, about 1600 years ago.

Colonizers during the Interstellar Wars were either isolationists seeking to avoid the wars, refugees seeking to escape from them, or military expeditions seeking strategic advantage. Later, after Terran victory in the Nth Interstellar War led to the collapse of the First Imperium, the Terrans declared a Second Imperium, the Rule of Man. That entity governed for less than 500 years, but during that time several new worlds in the Deep were colonized from nearby Daibei sector. That was the last wave of Human colonization into the Deep... until now.

Within the past hundred years a new wave of colonization has been spreading into the Deep from Daibei. Although many of these new colonies have fallen prey to the pirate gangs still known as Reavers, the prime era of legendary Reavers such as Blackie Duquesne and Admiral Izanak has passed, and many beings in the region are sensing a new era of hope, as multi-world governments formed to defend against Reavers now join to create leagues and associations to promote interstellar commerce.

The largest and strongest power in the region is the Imperial Realm of Daibei, a group of worlds in the middle of Daibei sector still claiming loyalty to the old Rule of Man, although ruled locally by the Viceroy of Daibei. Smaller governments abound throughout Daibei sector, and a few have even formed in Reavers' Deep. Unfortunately, the largest of the growing powers in the Deep itself is the Drexiltharan Empire, which continues the old practice of raiding other worlds for what it wants, robbing and enslaving in the darkest Reaver traditions.

This is the place and time that you now enter, as the crew of the frontier trader Fortunate Son.

The Ship (Specs and Deckplan)

Fortunate Son was formerly Close Call, a frontier trader making the circuit of great worlds and isolated backwaters in the middle of Daibei sector, throughout the Imperial Realm of Daibei and its many smaller neighbors. The Captain of Close Call had a well-earned reputation for dishonest dealing, and his practices caught up to him on Garkenbaaggi (Daibei 1221), late in the month of March, 3731 AD. While the Captain was being lynched by an angry mob, Hampton Rhodes decided to take the ship to space with the remainder of the crew, and to promote himself from First Officer to Captain.

Some of the old crew (including all of the other officers except for the Chief Engineer, young Max Black) quit and left the ship at its next stop, on Egarnigun (Daibei 1223), but Captain Rhodes persevered and recruited new crew, including Medical Officer Doc Freeman and Assistant Engineer Leo P. Henry. Rhodes also paid to have the name and registry of Close Call changed to Fortunate Son and a new transponder installed to match, and decided to take the ship to new trading grounds in Reavers' Deep.

Although he declined the responsibility of an officer's position, Leo Henry was a qualified pilot and could occasionally relieve Rhodes and give him some rest. Still, it was a vast relief to the Captain when the ship visited Zwingle (Daibei 1024) and he was able to recruit a new First Officer Pilot/Navigator, Kalos Thar, as well as an Assistant Medic and Security Specialist, Gayne Maize.

As our story begins, the Fortunate Son has completed its journey across the spinward portion of Daibei sector and is in jump space bound for Devonia (Reavers' Deep 3125), its first port-of-call in the Deep. Fortunate Son is carrying four passengers and some freight bound for Devonia, along with a good load of speculative cargo with which the crew hopes to make its fortune. But before the ship exits jump space, let's skip ahead a bit to the world of Devonia...

SpaceBadger August 9th, 2013 09:25 PM

Date: 09 August 3731 AD

Spacer Donoma Lafitte has been "grounded" on Devonia since she resigned her First Officer's position on her last ship, the Mary Deare. That was almost three months ago, and Donoma fears that she made the wrong choice of a world for mustering out, as she has been unable to find any new berth to her liking on any of the few ships that call on Devonia. Perhaps she should have taken passage back into Daibei sector, where ship traffic is heavier...

Now she is down to her last savings, wondering where next month's rent will come from. She would almost consider selling her beloved grav bike, except that what little income she has here is from running package errands on the bike, which can earn her premium rates with its speed and versatility here on this world where even standard grav vehicles are rare. Why, one delivery customer even offered her a job with his carnival, just to fly her bike and do tricks in the air above the Midway!

[OOC: OK, what will Donoma do now?]

[Does she have a listing for Employment Wanted at the starport, or does she just keep an eye open for arrivals and check them out herself?]

[I left it open on whether or not she accepted the carnival job; if you think she would have liked that, feel free to add it to your story; otherwise, just let it go.]

[During her time on Devonia, Donoma has developed a few contacts and friends, and has some ideas for ways to make good money with a ship in this area. I will email those to you so that you can decide how to share them with the others in roleplay.]

SpaceBadger August 9th, 2013 09:28 PM

Date: 09 August 3731 AD

Back aboard Fortunate Son, everyone knows that jump exit should be coming soon, and anticipation is high. Finally, it comes, and naturally it comes during shipboard "night shift" when many of the crew and passengers are asleep.

With jump exit approaching it is standard practice to have the Bridge manned at all times. Leo P. Henry has been standing an occasional Bridge watch in addition to his duties as Assistant Engineer, just to relieve Captain Rhodes and First Officer Thar of the tiring alternate watches. Now a small indicator on his workstation begins to flash, indicating the beginning of transition from jump space back into real space.

Elsewhere aboard Fortunate Son:

Max Black, Gayne Maize, Janna Vilshiggur, and Bruno Kansakarrir are snacking and playing cards at the table in the Crew Common Area.

[OOC: I will leave it up to y'all what you are playing, and whether or not money is involved.]

Hampton Rhodes, Kalos Thar, Doc Freeman, and Benjamin Chance are all in their own staterooms, asleep.

Passengers Scott Jarvanigar, Miklos Thanning, David Verchanski, and Sethra Lavode are all in their own staterooms, asleep.

Different individuals show different sensitivity to jump transition. "Groundhogs" often get nauseated and sick, while spacers usually get over that with experience. Even those who do not become ill may be awakened by the transition effects.

[OOC: Someone in the card game will definitely notice the transition. I'll leave it up to the players of sleeping PCs whether or not their PCs awaken, and how it affects them.]

OK, what do y'all do next?

ChaosBennett August 9th, 2013 10:00 PM

Am I winning?

sabredog August 9th, 2013 10:06 PM

Hampton's alarm wakes him up a couple hours before the jump clock says we are going to drop into realspace and punches up Devonia on the computer to refresh his memory on what the place is like and what the markets might be like for our speculative cargo...

...which was....(shuffle through papers on clipboard....)...??

SpaceBadger August 9th, 2013 10:16 PM


Originally Posted by sabredog (Post 448173)
Hampton's alarm wakes him up a couple hours before the jump clock says we are going to drop into realspace

[OOC: Umm... I think you mean he is awakened by the transition from jump space into real space. No way of knowing exactly when that will be in order to set an alarm.


Originally Posted by sabredog (Post 448173)
and punches up Devonia on the computer to refresh his memory on what the place is like and what the markets might be like for our speculative cargo...

...which was....(shuffle through papers on clipboard....)...??

[OOC: Patience, patience! I had to work like a mad man to get this far tonight, and y'all haven't even determined how far out the ship is from Devonia yet, or what encounters might happen on the way in.

I rolled Henry as the guy on Bridge duty, so I kinda need to hear from him to proceed...

Devonia and its markets can wait til tomorrow! :D ]

SpaceBadger August 9th, 2013 10:20 PM


Originally Posted by ChaosBennett (Post 448170)
Am I winning?

Max is slightly ahead, Gayne is next, neither Janna nor Bruno are doing very well.

Are y'all playing for money or just chips?

[OOC: if money, I don't want to roll any further until we hear from Max!]

sabredog August 9th, 2013 10:21 PM

Yeah, you must be my hypertuned cat-like senses telling me that space is thinning and wavering around us and a sense of preeminence is waking me up.

I decide looking over the charts is premature for such a fine "morning" and pour myself a drink, and pull out the latest potboiler pulp classic about a Vargr crime squad working homicide on the edges of Aslan space called "Hell Hounds". I'll wait till we drop out before checking the bridge, then the passengers.

ErianFrost August 9th, 2013 10:33 PM

Kalos will get up and, groggily rubbing the sleep from his eyes, start getting dressed. Then he'll make his way to the common area to grab some chow.

ChaosBennett August 9th, 2013 11:01 PM

Um... I accuse Max of cheating.

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