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SanDragon March 6th, 2019 07:09 PM

Dabi lifts his wrist to near his face. Even though he doesn't have to, it makes for better reception.

"Dabi here? Over?"

SpaceBadger March 7th, 2019 03:15 AM

Frank, Julius, and Dabi all in one place! Wow!
[As specified by GM] Frank saw Dabi raise his comm and heard his answer, "Dabi here? Over?" He grinned and raised his hand high to try to catch Dabi's attention.

"Hi, Dabi, this is Frank. I just ran into an old friend, thought maybe we could all grab a bite and a drink together before you and I seek out this Banner fellow. I also need to stow my gun so I don't get in trouble with local law; they're LL6 here, remember. Check your five o'clock; I'm waving at you!"

SanDragon March 9th, 2019 08:32 PM

Dabi turns around until he sees Frank.

"Sounds great! I could use something grass-fed and brew-watered, like a steak! Areal steak!"

Dabi starts to walk over to where Frank is standing.

SpaceBadger March 9th, 2019 10:23 PM

Waving Dabi over, Frank terminated the comm link and turned back to Julius, asking if he had picked out any likely looking targets for a quick bite to eat. (If Julius had more than one suggestion, Frank would express his preference for something local, rather than the franchise places you could find in any starport of class C or better.)

When Dabi came near, Frank introduced him to Julius as, "Dabi Salathiel, a Scout comrade recently met as we both endured that administrative meat-grinder known as Mustering Out. The Service had an extra Type S unassigned that they're letting me take out on detached duty, so Dabi and I decided to wander aways in this direction and see some places we haven't seen before." Frank then introduced Julius to Dabi as, "Julius Tanaka, long-known acquaintance, of the Imperial Navy. You're from somewhere near here, aren't you, Julius?"

While making the introductions, Frank conducted the small party toward whichever cafe he and Julius had agreed on.

77topaz March 10th, 2019 04:13 AM

Beans of Bohen, Beans of Bohen...
After Julius discussed the various cafés in the food court with Frank, they decided to go to the one place Julius didn't recognise as an interstellar franchise. Named Beans of Bohen, which advertised that its coffee was grown on-planet on Bohen. Julius's curiosity was piqued somewhat, as he had not tasted such coffee before; the standard Navy coffee was synthetic (and so was the standard Olam coffee, for that matter), and most other coffee he'd tasted was grown on Heridis [FARS 1128] or Ninkas [FARS 2223].

After Frank introduced him to Dabi, Julius answered Frank's question: 'Well, yes and no. Before I Mustered Out, I was stationed at INB Unbulne, which is certainly nearby. That's been my main base for the two decades I've been in the Navy, and I went to the Unbulne Naval Academy. But where I'm from originally is actually Olam, over on the other side of Permatic.' He briefly paused, but thought of something: 'Have you ever been there?'

Magnus von Thornwood March 11th, 2019 12:55 PM

Lucky you, Dabi!

Originally Posted by SanDragon (Post 599892)
Dabi turns around until he sees Frank.

"Sounds great! I could use something grass-fed and brew-watered, like a steak! Areal steak!"

Dabi starts to walk over to where Frank is standing.

Turns out that over in the corner to the northwest you see Areal Steak Joint "Serving Genuine Terran-style Beef since the Third Imperium!", it may be a sector spanning franchise but they still get good reviews from those Terran-style foodies and such. TAS only rates them 3 starbursts but then they kinda look down on franchise restaurants.

SanDragon March 16th, 2019 07:34 PM

"Steak joint!!" Dabi shouts, as he backs slowly toward it and waves the other two in that direction.

SpaceBadger March 17th, 2019 07:04 AM

"No, I've never been there," Frank replied to Julius. He gestured toward Dabi. "It seems that my travelling companion wants a heavier meal. I assume they serve locally-grown coffee there as well. Does that sound acceptable to you?"

[Assuming Julius agrees... ] The pair followed Dabi to the steakhouse.

Once they were seated, Frank ordered coffee, cold water, meat-and-cheese with flatbread (whatever the local form would be), and a slice of fruit pie (preferably some kind of tart berries).

"Gentlemen," he said at first opportunity, "the first thing I'd like to do after we eat is visit a place here at the starport called Trader Joe's, to acquire a stunner compliant with local law, and then rent a locker for my gun so I don't get arrested for carrying it. I suggest that you two do the same, unless you've already taken care of that."

"After that I'd like to find transport out to the local noble's estate. He is called the Banner, and he is having a big Holiday celebration out at his ranch. I don't believe that it's completely open to the public, but Dabi and I have been invited, and I wouldn't be surprised if we could score an invitation for you, Julius, on the strength of your Navy service and offworld experience. It seems the Banner is very interested in strengthening Bohen's offworld connections. Could be interesting, or at least amusing."

77topaz March 17th, 2019 05:29 PM

Julius chuckled to himself at Dabi's enthusiastic antics, reminding him of a few Naval cadets he'd seen over the years. His smile turned to a frown, however, when he noticed the place he was leading them towards. Areal Steak Joint was an interstellar chain; he'd visited a few of them (or rather, been dragged to them, much like what was now happening) with his Naval colleagues, and he had never exactly been impressed with the franchise. For one thing, the asteroid belt Olam where he'd grown up didn't really have the space or resources for keeping livestock, and the world was then still ruled by the isolationist House Rannian, so perishable meat wasn't a common import either and the only animals one would see were pets and, well, other sophonts. When Julius started travelling offworld and joined the Unbulne Naval Academy he'd actually been surprised people there ate animals regularly, and though he'd obliged his friends on occasion he'd never quite been comfortable with it. But he was far from the only sophont in the Navy who thought that, so there were always rations available that weren't made from animals; and at the moment in Bohen Downs, he wasn't particularly hungry so it wasn't really an issue now either.

Thus, Julius decided to follow Frank and Dabi, as he was still more interested in talking to them than going to Beans of Bohen (and he could always go there at some later time anyway, such as when he was leaving Bohen again).

When Frank brought up weapons, Julius responded: 'Yeah, I've already taken care of that. The only weapon I have on me - or rather, Boxer is carrying for me' (he motioned to Boxer, which was hovering idly a few feet away from their table) 'is a taser, which is legal on this world. Also, I take it the shop you meant is Hunter Joe's? I saw it when I was walking through Concourse A.'

When Frank mentioned the Banner, Julius was intrigued, and thought to himself. It seemed Frank and Dabi had received an invitation very similar to his own. 'The Banner's Holiday celebrations, you say? How interesting! In fact, back at INB Unbulne a few weeks ago I received a similar invitation, and that is why I am here on Bohen today. I haven't met him personally, but I've heard good things about von Ryer both when he was in the Navy and now he's a Noble, so I decided it was worth accepting his invitation, especially since it's only a two-parsec journey from INB Unbulne to Bohen.'

SanDragon March 22nd, 2019 11:01 PM

"Not necessarily a heavy meal, but with moderation, one that is quite satisfying."

"Buying some sort of self defense would be nice, but I am flat broke."

"Is it too much to hope The Banner will provide and provision some minimal amount for the mission?"

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