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Creation Date: September 6th, 2008 06:14 PM
Magnus von Thornwood Magnus von Thornwood is offline
Citizen: SOC-14
What it says in the Title, various rambling, musings and such of one Magnus von Thornwood, Baron Regina and his alter ego (or is the other way around, I get confused about it sometimes), basic boring blog stuff, really are you still reading this? Good for you.
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  #4 New December 23rd, 2008 12:43 PM
So, being that I love Traveller and signed up for a pre-order of T5, I waited for my disc to come, which it did, lucky me!

Now, having pre-ordered, (ok, they let me before that on my word that I would, which I did) I got into the infamous T5 Private Forum. Had a boat load of fun checking out the new version of my all time favorite game, actually still having a boat load of fun.

So there we are down in the forum when some smart ass (no, not me, some other smart ass, there are more than just me ya know ) suggests a Play by Post Test game. This Idea rocks! I give it my full on approval. I throw out that I have yet another Noble to play....

Well, some where in there I end up answering some questions when suddenly I look up and realize that once again...*sigh* I am Refereeing another Traveller game. Not playing, but Reffing. How does this happen to me? I have a friend who thinks that there are two classes of gamers, Players and Refs, and lucky me, I am a born Ref. Funny thing is that I think he may be right. I play not at all in Traveller, I always seem to Ref, I don't know, it might be that I am a fool for just about any book with the name and stripe on it. It could be that I spend hours and hours and days and months reading and re-reading and basically devouring the Setting of the game. What can I say, I love the Imperium, all of them. Yep, I am one sad ass Traveller wonk.

I think I might also be a closest gearhead....

I found the Starships chapter of T5 loads of fun, made several Starships and then they gave us, guns and stuff to make too. Ah fun, though I must admit, I am not so much a big gun making wonk. I never really liked combat, might be that ass whooping my mom got me into when I was a kid. Could be that I am and have never been the strongest or biggest person, but I am smart. *shrug* Who knows, I do know that I am lucky and have this amazing Charisma that keeps me from getting my butt whooped as an adult, I mean I can say some stuff that normal people would probably get beat up for, but thank God, not me...yet.

So here I am now stuck, well sorta, having to figure out what to do with the PCs and how I can test all the various mechanics of the system, balance everyone's need for fun and spotlight...Reffing is hard work. I think I have, well I do have a basic, and by basic I mean vaguely fleshed out plot idea for running...hee hee, I am sending them of to the Hinterlands of Zhodani space on a Diplomatic and Cultural Exchange with our Psionic neighbors. I figure that gives me a chance to create some worlds testing the World Gen system, and of course the Psionic section, which is much improved, no more "OK, now it's the end of the month so I roll for my Psionics and get even more sick than all the other PCs" stuff, now it...well, it's more balanced and difficult. I would say more but then Don might be forced to take my hall pass.

I figure if I time it right there will be some pirate attacks, come on it's Traveller, there have to be some pirates, right? I mean look out the window, here on good old Home of All Humaniti we are still having problems with pirates...not that I like pirates, not at all, I am too Navy for that, but they do give some ideas. That should take care of Combat mechanics, I figure.

Basically, I once again in all my damnable smartness, have managed to fulfill my born tendency to run peoples lives, if only for pretend. The cool thing is now that I am doing it, once again I find it somewhat enjoyable. Go figure. Well, I suppose I should get back to reading my BBB (Big Black/Blue Binders) and get up to date on the rules, I mean knowing the rules is the essence, well most of the essence of Reffing. The other part is making sure that everyone has somewhere I have the "Sins of Gamemastering" around here...I should probably refresh the memory and make sure that I don't commit any more of them. Still if my last foray in to GMing is any indication, I will get worn out and emptied of ideas, a bit before my players. But then they have the easy part. Lucky bastards. However, I do seem to commit less GM sins than I used to, might be I say "NO!" less, and when I do say it, I give better reasons. Also, I have grown up more..still working on that even now.

So this is end of the latest Rambling, from Magnus, Annoying Poster and now Leader of the Mighty Tree Killer Cult. No really, I have a Cult in the T5 Private's because I have to print out all the new stuff. Trees fear me now and I have like two others in my quest to destroy the leafy ones and use ink.

Magnus, Sucka Fool Ref (again).
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#5 February 14th, 2009 05:15 AM
LJHornmoy Says:
Hi Magnus, just got around to checking on the COTI blogs. I sympathize mightily with you. In my 30 years of role-playing, I'vre been the Ref/GM/Storyteller 90% of the time; and before the turn of the century my only groups of players were friends I brought into the hobby. So I, too, am a born Ref. It's a calling I suppose. Now if I could make a living at it... Cheers - Hornmoy
#4 January 4th, 2009 05:33 PM
Sucka Bait, huh? Are sure you want go down that road, playa?
#3 December 29th, 2008 08:33 PM
ganymede Says:
You could switch to hemp, since it's an annual, and you'll save some of them fool trees, Sucka Bait! :-D
#2 December 29th, 2008 12:00 PM
Nice to know I am not the only one, thanks.
#1 December 26th, 2008 09:06 PM
Magnus...I feel your pain. I only "play" Traveller solo but in any group I always end up the Ref/GM/Director/Facilitator/Resident Psych, etc....

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