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Creation Date: September 6th, 2008 06:14 PM
Magnus von Thornwood Magnus von Thornwood is offline
Citizen: SOC-14
What it says in the Title, various rambling, musings and such of one Magnus von Thornwood, Baron Regina and his alter ego (or is the other way around, I get confused about it sometimes), basic boring blog stuff, really are you still reading this? Good for you.
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  #2 New November 4th, 2008 10:34 AM
So here I am back and finally online for what I hope is a good long time.

I do wonder sometimes what on God's green Earth I should put in here.

I suppose I could bitch about why I both love and hate 'Heroes', or why I lately feel as if I am an enemy of the state, how much I love my cat (whole huge bunches ) or something...

So, here what's up in Magnusland these days, I found out (well I pretty much guessed) that I have crappy credit and in order to secure (now that's a laugh, but more on that laterish) my DSL I finally had to give the bleeding phone company access to bill my bank account directly or not get service. Boy does that suck. On the other hand they did get me squared away much quicker than I had been told they would, like last Monday...was it only last, as a opposed to Tuesday and bright and early in the morning too. Well early by my nocturnal standards...1030 in the morning.

Of course since I had DSL some other damned thing had to happen and well, sure enough the old Blue and White G3 (that's really a G4) crapped out on my and I lost some more stuff. Not a lot, I only had one day to put more stuff on it. Still I am kinda getting sick of my computers croaking on me. So like an idiot I spend most of the week trying to get it back up and running, but accidentally really killed it by zeroing out the HD. Oops, see it had this little firmware update that told it that it was a G4 and not a G3 and so when I valiantly tried to re-install OS X, it barfed on me and stayed dead. Oh well, at least I can pull the HD out of the iBook someday and grab all the data and put it on the new Mac.

And of course, being a complete dumbass I believe the phone company and don't just hook up the computer that the most excellent Baron Sidur Haski sent me (the CD drive seems to be broke, I say seems as it didn't read both the HP disk for the printer software and a music CD, but I am a user, not a tech, especially on windows). So since I believe the phone company I am days without a machine..sigh. Needless to say I am POed and well, got mad at my crappy TV reception and kinda oh so grown up like tossed a minor fit and scared the cat for the rest of the day. Oops.

Enter Rick, my tech guru, who after figuring out why the Mac doesn't work is like "Does the other one work?" So I tell him sure but the CD drive seems to be on the fritz. Needless to say being a good friend he laughs at me and tells me to just hook it up as I had already configured the gateway. Feeling rather dumb and userish, I do so, what do you know, a minute later and bang, I'm back on. Yep, not too smart...I'd say I was totally retarded but Aramis might actually read this and give me a ticket.

So, about the phone company, (I said laterish) I feel somewhat constrained in what I do and where I go these days knowing that every damned thing I do goes right into a big black box in a room tucked away in the phone company and that the government of this former Republic, current Empire can just look at and judge if I have yet become some sort of threat. (Hi spooks, rot in hell and die.) I mean, it's not like I am currently advocating the violent overthrow of the government or anything too outrageous, it's just that I know people who might just be on their list of people talking too much smack. The person in question isn't advocating anything violent either just that they really seem to have forgotten who's really in charge and what they're supposed to be doing out there in the Capitol. Like not be a freaking Empire! Oh and he does advocate giving them the finger and going off their grid and doing our own thing, or so it seems from our many conversations, which we now have to wonder who's listening to them and what they might be thinking of what we say about them...not much nice these days. Which is kinda sad since like a mere decade ago, I was on their side. A lot of my friends (off line ones, yes I do have RL friends) gave me much flak about my love of the government and coming to it's defense in our various talks. Now of course I just to eat the boy are you late for the bus crow. Sigh, can't win for losing.

Well...that didn't come out quite the way I expected, frankly wasn't sure it would at all, but it's been festering for some time now. Still the good thought is that I do live in the only state of the Union with a Senator who remembers what his job is and also seems to remember that this Nation is supposed to be a Republic. Even if they did call him a traitor for daring to say that just maybe the Senate should smack the President on the nose with a rolled up news paper and tell him 'bad dog, quit crapping on everything', funny since a Senate Censure isn't all that much more than a piece of paper saying you did a or several bad things. Sigh.

Wow, um...

OK, good news, I am back online and hopefully getting back to posting everywhere and when I can. God, I do so love forums. Did I mention that, that I love forums. Thanks to Neverwinter Nights of all things. Hmmm, now that's another project that we'll never see but would be so cool, like Andrew's full length Traveller movie, a really cool online Traveller RPG like NWN. That would rock! So would Andrew doing a Traveller movie, one where the Imperium kicks the Solomani's butt for what they did to the AHL (find his latest traitorish movie, bad Andrew) Though from a movie only stand point it did rock, well till the horrible sad ending.

Funny that I love me an Empire in fiction and can't stand them in RL...yep I am conflicted...I mean complicated and complex...really.

Anyway, life isn't too bad, hell today I get to vote and hope that someone doesn't steal it or alter it...not that I am giving it to either of the two big knuckleheads running for the big parties..."no confidence"! Thanks English folks, if I hadn't done a little study about other governments I never would have found it and thought to use it, but it sure comes in handy when it soooo expresses exactly how you feel about the choices they gave you. No Confidence, indeed.

Good I love the English...well I did, but then we broke up and she sold the ring to pay off parking tickets. Limey so and so. OK, so in truth I do still have some nice feelings about her..after all she did civilize me and other stuff *smirk* of course thanks to her I can't run a game with out providing some sort of refreshments. Of course she also turned me on to neato TV shows, wow do we steal a lot from the cousins across the pond. Though I have yet to see the COPS type show they have over there called 'The Bill' as I recall. Though thinking of England it does depress me that they seem not to have heeded Mr. Orwell, one of their own at that and now Big Brother does watch them. Then again, when does anyone listen to the crazy science fiction people when we try and warn them not to do something...over here as I recall our bleeding Air Force seems to think that Cameron's Skynet is a smashing idea. Some day if there is any justice in the world I will get to give the ritual greeting of Altoidia to them all. (And for those of you who have seen it see if you can find it on the net, it had me rolling and it still gives me a grin just thinking about it...ah the ritual greeting of Altoidia.)

Well, I seem to be sorta prolific today, I suppose it's the day...brings it all to the fore. Grrrr, if only I could be stupid and blissfully unaware of the workings of the world and just watch TV and not care like the majority of my countrymen. Ah who am kidding, I do enjoy having a serious clue to things, hell I even got to be right against my mentor in a political science question...and boy did that turn out just like I said it would sadly.

By now of course if you are still reading you're like dude who peed in your breakfast? Well, in truth actually I am not all that depressed and mad, I mean I have a job I love (and understand how lucky I am to be able to say that), I have a nice little studio and of course last, but most importantly, I have my little skunch bug kittie boo. I have bit of cash in the bank, finally and another printer cart in the printer, I have DSL and a computer that seems to be working and not about to die on me. I have a proverbial butt load of friends both off line and after this entry hopefully here too. So all in all life's not so bad. Oh and thanks to global warming a state that will be not so damnable cold in winter finally...still gonna have to watch out for all those damned Texans moving up here to beat the heat.

I suppose I should close here and see what other things I can get it too, like the great Zho impersonator plot and such...ah so much work...though truthfully if I hadn't checked that little 'who's stopped by' thing and found out that people actually seem to read this thing, I don't know if I every would have even bothered with posting another entry. Of course now that I have done two, I will probably end up doing more. I mean if people keep reading them that is. Still my life is so boring it amazed me any one did.

Ummm, thanks. For reading it and hopefully not thinking I am a complete loon and for letting me hang out and have such Traveller fun.

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#2 January 5th, 2009 11:36 PM
ooohhh, 400 thread count, so nice....uhhh, you didn't see that. Mine doesn't have claws thank God, neutered and declawed and like 3 months when I got him.
#1 January 5th, 2009 02:48 AM
ganymede Says:
I love my cat too! And he's lucky, too, with all the times I've had to stop him from using throat lozenges as cat toys, using his claws on the good 400-thread count sheets, and other of the more mischievous cat things he does...

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