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Creation Date: September 6th, 2008 06:14 PM
Magnus von Thornwood Magnus von Thornwood is offline
Citizen: SOC-14
What it says in the Title, various rambling, musings and such of one Magnus von Thornwood, Baron Regina and his alter ego (or is the other way around, I get confused about it sometimes), basic boring blog stuff, really are you still reading this? Good for you.
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  #1 New September 6th, 2008 06:39 PM
So, here is my first blog and in the Tradition of the Weird, I felt I had to make note of this occasion.

I got hit by the weirdest of burglars today...well last night...actually I don't know. One of the creepy parts of burgs.

I as you might know recently moved. Cool, so far. Well, since I am now closer to my RL work, today I decide to come home and sleep in my own bed with my beloved cat. Oh I am so clever....

Well, I get home to find that someone has been in my apartment with a key, since I am a paranoid freak and lock the crap out of all my places. I mean at first I didn't get it, then, I look for my change jar (for the soda machine at work), it's missing. So where did I put it last night when I did laundry and itraided it for quarters...well let me pick up this V8 bottle....with water in it? Now I don't remember doing that, and then I take that off to the kitchen where I find all my kitchen stuff has been gone through and some one nabbed one of my cans of's about now that the freak out begins. I look around...yep all the electronics are here, boxes, a badge (custom for my SLED game) and everything else, except for a can of tuna and my change jar....oh and in the spirit of Goldilocks...yep you guessed it, someone had slept in my bed.

So the cat is fine, and the rest of the stuff is fine, and I think the cop feels I made this shit up, but really, once again life is crazier than can be believed.

Violated, creeped out, mad, happy, all sorts of weird the way...criminals suck rocks! So now I have to wait for a friend to come by and watch my place while I go back to work in like six hours and I don't know, just not a good day, but not as bad is could be...trying to convince the manager that this actually occurred might be a royal PITA, I know the cop looked kinda skeptical...I suppose I can't blame him. Oh and they didn't take a crap on my floor (yep it does happen, burglars are not right in the head people really), and left what seems to be everything else I own...just now what the hell do I do for security...oh yes indeed, I work for an alarm company...might have to get them to put one in my house...or something.

Anyway, just had to share that bit of my crazy RL life with you all. Why? *shrugs* Not sure...not quite thinking all that straight right now.

Hopefully next time, I will have more fun stuff to talk about and the creep doesn't come back and get the rest of my stuff.


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#2 September 10th, 2008 08:01 AM
Yeah, far-trader, vera funny, frankly *
in my more Illuminated moments I do sometimes wonder if I don't have some invisible MiB, who is either clusmy or on post with orders to creep out at times, but then maybe they're allied with the Shadowed Dwellers of Attics and Betweens....urban legend sounds good to me.
Frankly, I am quite happy to have gotten off lightly and I am humbly changing the Name of this Travellog as so not bite your style, Fellow Knight.
#1 September 9th, 2008 12:04 PM
far-trader Says:
Bizarre. Did your cat's breath smell of tuna? I'm thinking the burglar made a friend. Or your cat had a party Can't do much about the violated bit but looking on the up side you got off light otherwise it seems. Changing the locks of course, and for sure go for an alarm. A thought occurs (no idea for sure) but maybe they didn't have a key but another way of entry? Lot's of windows are easy to pop without damage. And (at the risk of really freaking you out) there's always the urban legend of attic folk. People living in your attic, crawlspace, or between the walls and such, who come out when you leave. How's that for creepy? You really didn't want to hear that did you. Pretty sure it's just an urban legend though.

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