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Creation Date: July 7th, 2007 01:39 AM
Jeff M. Hopper Jeff M. Hopper is offline
Citizen: SOC-14
Just some random thoughts and another creative outlet.
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  #5 New August 29th, 2007 06:28 PM
90 days with only 2 days off, work is getting monotonous...

Except for the fire alarm system that got hit by lightning and fouled up, which the General Manager here decided to place on "silence" instead of fixing immediately. It took a visit by the local building safety inspector and the fire department before the GM fixed it. Up until that point, every morning between the hours of 3am and 4am when the alarm monitoring company tests their communications lines, the fire alarm went off.

Except I had an overzealous cop aim his gun at me at work. There is also an intermittant burgler alarm here on campus, every first responder in the area knows about it - except for this Barney Fife clone recently moved to the night shift. Now, the alarm monitoring company usually does not bother to call me when an alarm goes off due to the archaic (and screwed up) phone system here ( I have a pager instead of a cell phone and you have to leave a message for the pager to send a signal, once the alarm company gets the message machine - they hang up). So, the alarm goes off, my first indication of this is when the cops arrive and drive right past me causing me to hunt for them on campus. When I arrive at the alarming building, one cop (who's been on the night shift for awhile) is calmly checking the building out while the other cop (the Barney Fife clone) has his gun out and is checking the building like he is auditioning for a action-adventure police drama (gun leading the way in a two-handed grip, kicking in partially opened doors instead of using the doorknob). I'm announcing loudly while I approach that I'm security and am asking what is going on. The vet looks at me and waves hello, Barney Fife clone whirls around and points his gun at my face demanding to know who I am and why I'm there. Knowing that he was running on fear, I just put my hands up and looked down at the badge on my own shirt - hoping that he'd get the hint. He did, and I'm wondering how that putz got on the police force to begin with.

Except for the fourth floor washing machine in a building flooding so badly that the support floors beneath it holding up a 2000 pound hot water heater started to give way after being waterlogged and are now being held up by joists (and the ceiling is still slowly giving way...).

Except for, last but not least, girlfriend calling me at work reminding me that sometimes being young means getting into trouble. While I was at work, she had a night out with the girls. Much booze was drunk, too much for her friend who was driving - so she took the keys and drove (gf being the more sober of the two in the car, although three beers and a shot of tequila means that "more sober" is a relative term). They duo go through a drive-thru and grab some cheeseburgers before going home, but not before the car following them in the drive thru pisses off the drunker one by shining his brights into their car. So, in a decision-making chain fueled by alcohol, the friend decides to show her annoyance by throwing her cheeseburger at the car behind them. Being very drunk, her aim was off, and she instead hit a beat cop nearby. Much trouble insued, more for drunken friend than girlfriend, but enough to make it an expensive lesson learned. The cop charged the burger-thrower with Criminal Littering, but was going to charge her with Assault until he figured out that he'd get laughed out of the precinct if he wrote up in a report saying he was accidently struck with a weaponized cheeseburger...

Oh, and there is also the local drug user/dealer who likes to sneak on campus and vandalize the place who has become good friends with one of the staff members on campus. Can't forget that guy. He's made a comeback, and been arrested, and returned as soon as he was released from jail. Whoopie!

All of the above, a computer problem, and watching the D&D 4e crisis that the GenCon announcement has caused kept me from posting sooner.

After all that, is it any wonder why I prefer gaming for my dramatic action instead of Real Life?
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#4 September 29th, 2007 01:16 AM
A whole month and nothing new. Guess you are pushing 120 days now.
#2 September 1st, 2007 08:36 AM
Hey Andy! Good to hear from you! Yeah, I'm working security at a resort hotel in the Smokies. When its quiet, which it hasn't been, its great - but when things get busy, the place goes insane. Money's not great, but not too bad either. So what have you been up to? How are things on your end?
#1 August 31st, 2007 09:27 PM
Hi Jeff, Long time no see, no hear either. Looks like you have a new (at least newer than the last time I talked with you) job. You're working campus security I take it, but which campus? Andy Fralix

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