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Creation Date: July 7th, 2007 01:39 AM
Jeff M. Hopper Jeff M. Hopper is offline
Citizen: SOC-14
Just some random thoughts and another creative outlet.
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  #4 New July 30th, 2007 10:30 AM
I'm a bit tired now, the workday is over and I've just finished the research needed to complete an article rewrite. I'm researching at home now because of the humidity around where I work (I work in the Smokey Mountains, one of the last deciduous rain forest areas of the USA), I'm not going to bring my primary game books with me anymore because the damp air is making the pages wavy. Can't let my only copy of a book get damaged.

I've always thought about somehow combining gaming with some kind of charity work. There is the Baptist Children's Hospital in Knoxville where I wa sthinking it would be possible to run a game for some of the kids, but the rules on non-family visitation are very strict so I may just donate a few games to there for the kids to play. There is a local food bank known as the Second Harvest that I could either donate time at their warehouse (get some good exercise to boot) or do a food drive for - I just have to manage in the time.

The charity gaming desire seems a bit odd to me, because a large part of the desire to do that is to try and change a few minds away from the belief that RPGs are a corrupting influence. Thing is, I know that the people who are stuck believing that won't easily have their minds changed. This was brought home to me when I called into a local morning radio show to defend RPGs from some DJ slander and the first thing said to me was, "You're a Satanist, aren't you?" It made for a frustrating conversation.

Yet it seems that there are a lot of gamers who don't mind doing something for charity, its just that the media interaction has to be managed effectively to make it something more meaningful than just a lark. I've got a few ideas on that and a friend who is a reporter for the local paper to bounce them off of, so that is something else I'm plugging away at.

If ya'll haven't guessed by now, I usually have multiple projects going and I try to bounce between them so that I don't get burned out.

So much to do, so little mind left to do it all...
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#1 September 4th, 2009 02:15 AM
far-trader Says:
I know, long time since you posted this Jeff I've been hitting random posts based on what the bots are finding (view the Who's Online list) and this one caught my eye tonight. Must have missed it when it was fresh. Interesting on the charity gaming idea. Something I'd thought about once or twice too, but never did. Did you ever get back to the idea? Just wondering, and if you did, how it went. Anyway, heart in the right place and all should count for something. Just figured at the very least a reply was due, late as it is. Be well.

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