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Creation Date: July 16th, 2007 05:15 AM
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  #18 New January 18th, 2017 03:49 AM
Began running my house ruled game.

Task system is derived from DGP-CT, but adding three difficulty levels (trivial, staggering, and absurd), plus adding an explicit Auto level.
Two assets from the following list, max DM +9
  • Skill Level
  • Att/3
  • Terms
  • Computer Model
  • Rank

Auto 0+
Trivial 3+
Simple 6+
Routine 9+
Difficult 12+
Formidable 15+
Staggering 18+
Nearly Impossible 21+
Absurd 24+

Absurd is there because a max DM character on extra time might pull it off.
Keep in mind: labels assume Skill 1, stat 7.
Exceptional is moved to 3, thater than 2. Otherwise, MT Task system

mishaps go 3/9/15/21.

Damages for weapons figured using (√E)/15, ranges and pen as per striker.
I think, because my MT-like design system isn't ready, I'll just use T20 HG but with TNE workstations in place of bridge, and MT fuel rates, plus Hop, Skip, Collector, and MT hits ratings based upon tonnages.

I'm using T4 Psionics. I'm using a Charisma attribute (in addition to social.) Experience limit is Int+Edu+Cha... UCP is STEIECS.

Currently, we have
  • Baronet Dr. Charles "Charlemagne" Lloyd, ZPM, KEG (Scientist)
  • Baron Brigadier Nicodemus Callahan, SEHD, KEG (Marine)
  • Major Packard, MCG, KOI (Army)
  • Lee Becker (Pirate)

So, they are given the warrant of elevation of Count Norris to Duke, upon his brother's death, and being sent by Naval Courier via the calibration points, to get to Deneb on 1-1099, for Norris investiture as Heir Presumptive and Acting Duke of Regina, by the Duke of Deneb and the Duchess of Mora.

They arrive at Usani/Deneb, on 355-1098, and are hustled onto a liner, the King Richard, bound for Deneb (1xJ3). Of course, it happens to have a saboteur... an Ine Givar agent. Who blows up the drive during transition...

They help restore power... takes them 3 days...
The major picks up a rumor that there's a spy in the crew. (True. Enerii Lakhamallil. Zhodani spy. deep covered for decades. Chief Engineer.) And that he's Ine Givar.

Captain Chamelion (Portrayed by an aged Fred Astaire) seems awful content to simply wallow in despair.

The knights get half-blackmailed into recruiting, and themsleves half-recruit, the Pirate to their cause. Chamelion knows she's been pirating for decades... and the last one, in Usani subsector, specializing in brutal corporate takedowns. (She's remarkably dangerous.)

They also figured out that the jump is going to collapse around day 361, circa 1530hrs... instead of 363 as proper...

And begin plans to escape in one of the lifeboats (which number just enough seats for the crew)...

Their weapons are locked up...but Becker and Lloyd hack the Anti-hijack program, flagging the captain. Plan is to beat him senseless with floor and ceiling...

I roll (on ship's registered homeworld of Deneb's LL) for law enforcement encounters... as she's attempting to get to the bridge, Becker is challenged by the Ship's Doc (664AA86, Brawling 1. medical 3, hits 2/4, age 50).

She leaps upon him...
... banging her head hard in the 0.65G. (Mishap!)
... he hits her.
... she hits him. Barely. (spent tactics to do so)
... he misses.
She blows chunks, major mishap. She triggers the alarm. Anti-hijack turns on, begins bouncing the captain, and restraining the medic and Becker, and landing hard. (Initial: AAAB8A3. Now. A66B8A3.) The fall also ko's the medic. I convert him... 4 (to End), and then 6 (to Dex) - he's hurt. She recovers to A88B8A3. Lloyd unpins them... and prevents the Anti-hijack from killing the captain.

She caps the Doc with his snubby. Then she opens the concealed entrance to the locker, retrieves weapons, and decides to frame Enerii the Engineer...
... who's on his way somewhere... in a vacc suit... she goes to KO him, and misses. He drops her with a Psionic Assault for 3d6... 14 damage on 3d6... 2 dice kill her Edu, and harshes her Cha. Enerii disappears from the scanners.

As the Brigadier arrives, she's coming to... *A88B483*...
but still has the guns

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